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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
6 daysupdate to version 3.16.9Stephan Springer
2021-06-21update to version 3.16.8Stephan Springer
2021-05-24bump pkgrel due to protobuf upgradeStephan Springer
2021-05-16update to version 3.16.7Stephan Springer
2021-05-10fix build with PROJ 8.0.0Stephan Springer
2021-04-18update to version 3.16.6Stephan Springer
2021-03-20update to version 3.16.5Stephan Springer
2021-02-28update to version 3.16.4Stephan Springer
2021-01-28update to version 3.10.14Stephan Springer
2020-12-21update to version 3.10.13Stephan Springer
2020-11-23update to version 3.10.12Stephan Springer
2020-10-23update to version 3.10.11Stephan Springer
2020-09-17update to version 3.10.10Stephan Springer
2020-08-17update to version 3.10.9Stephan Springer
2020-07-26update to version 3.10.8 and build with NinjaStephan Springer
2020-06-22update to version 3.10.7Stephan Springer
2020-06-18Fix build with GCC 10 and qt 5.15Stephan Springer
2020-05-15update to version 3.10.6Stephan Springer
2020-04-21update to version 3.10.5Stephan Springer
2020-02-29update to version 3.10.3Stephan Springer
2020-01-18update to version 3.4.15Stephan Springer
2019-12-11update to version 3.4.14Stephan Springer
2019-10-26update to version 3.4.13Stephan Springer
2019-09-14update to version 3.4.12Stephan Springer
2019-08-17update to version 3.4.11Stephan Springer
2019-07-27update to version 3.4.10Stephan Springer
2019-06-24update to version 3.4.9Stephan Springer
2019-06-06update to version 3.4.8Stephan Springer
2019-04-20update to version 3.4.7Stephan Springer
2019-03-22update to version 3.4.6Stephan Springer
2019-03-02update to version 3.4.5Stephan Springer
2018-12-21update to 2.18.27Stephan Springer
2018-11-27update to 2.18.26Stephan Springer
2018-11-07update description; fix quotesStephan Springer
2018-10-29update to 2.18.25Stephan Springer
2018-09-23adopt and update to 2.18.24Stephan Springer
2018-08-17Upstream update to 2.18.23Doug Newgard
2018-07-21Upstream update to 2.18.22Doug Newgard
2018-06-26Upstream update to 2.18.21Doug Newgard
2018-05-18Upstream update to 2.18.20Doug Newgard
2018-04-23Upstream update to 2.18.19Doug Newgard
2018-03-23Upstream update to 2.18.18Doug Newgard
2018-02-23Upstream update to 2.18.17Doug Newgard
2018-01-19Upstream update to 2.14.22Doug Newgard
2017-12-08Upstream update to 2.14.21Doug Newgard
2017-10-27Upstream update to 2.14.20Doug Newgard
2017-09-16Upstream update to 2.14.19Doug Newgard
2017-08-19Upstream update to 2.14.18Doug Newgard
2017-07-21Upstream update to 2.14.17Doug Newgard
2017-07-11Fix build with sip 4.19.3Doug Newgard