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2021-12-03Bump to 3.1.6Frederick Zhang
2021-04-09Fix license pathFrederick Zhang
2020-12-10Bump to 2.0.19Frederick Zhang
2020-09-30bump to 2.0.16Frederick Zhang
2020-01-24bump to 2.0.9Frederick Zhang
2019-12-27bump to 2.0.8Frederick Zhang
2019-12-16fix doc pathsFrederick Zhang
2019-12-16bump to 2.0.6 and a few other tweaksFrederick Zhang
2017-12-20New upstream release 1.7.1Fabien Dubosson
2017-04-24New upstream release 1.6.3Fabien Dubosson
2015-05-29Move 'q' into separate repo for AUR4Fabien Dubosson