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34 hours13.3Greg White
2021-04-0113.2Greg White
2021-01-1213.1Greg White
2020-09-24Update patch (again)Greg White
2020-09-24Update checkdbdirGreg White
2020-09-24Fix patch for 13.0Greg White
2020-09-2413.0Greg White
2020-08-2012.4Greg White
2020-05-1612.3Greg White
2020-02-1912.2Greg White
2019-11-2012.1Greg White
2019-10-0312.0Greg White
2019-08-2211.5Greg White
2019-07-0511.4Greg White
2019-06-2811.4Greg White
2019-05-1211.3Greg White
2019-02-1411.2Greg White
2018-11-20with-jit -> with-llvmGreg White
2018-11-08Update for 11.1Greg White
2018-10-18Update package versionGreg White
2018-10-18Update for 11.0Greg White
2018-08-10Update to 10.5Greg White
2018-05-11Update to 10.4Greg White
2018-02-08Update for 10.2Greg White
2017-11-14Remove lxml dependencyGreg White
2017-11-14Remove a few more packagesGreg White
2017-11-12Bump package versionGreg White
2017-11-12Don't build w/gssapi, python, tcl or pam to reduce image sizeGreg White
2017-11-09Update to 10.1Greg White
2017-10-05Update to 10.0Greg White
2017-09-19Update to 9.6.5Greg White
2017-05-14Update for postgres 9.6.3Greg White
2016-09-30InitGreg White