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2021-08-03Changed architecture to anyAlejandro Valdes
2021-06-13Bump to 0.7.0Alejandro Valdes
2020-01-28Bump to 0.6.0Alejandro Valdes
2019-11-24Bump to 0.5.2Alejandro Valdes
2019-09-08Bump to 0.5.1Alejandro Valdes
2019-07-12Bump to 0.5.0Alejandro Valdes
2019-05-16Bump to 0.4.1Alejandro Valdes
2019-03-31Bump to 0.4Alejandro Valdes
2019-02-05Bump to 0.3Alejandro Valdes
2018-11-23Bump to 0.2Alejandro Valdes
2018-11-13bump versionAlejandro Valdes
2018-11-12Initial commitAlejandro Valdes