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2021-09-15update to v5.2 and correct .desktop categoryAngelo Dalzotto
2021-08-27Update to v5.1Angelo Dalzotto
2020-12-09update to v5.0Angelo Dalzotto
2020-11-08Update to v4.5Angelo Dalzotto
2020-11-06Update to v4.4Angelo Dalzotto
2020-11-04Support custom makepkg build directoriesAngelo Dalzotto
2020-09-25update to 4.3Angelo Dalzotto
2020-08-07Update to v4.2Angelo Elias Dalzotto
2020-07-23Update to v4.1Angelo Elias Dalzotto
2020-07-17Update to v4.0Angelo Elias Dalzotto
2020-06-14update to v3.0Angelo Elias Dalzotto
2020-05-02update v2.2.1Angelo Elias Dalzotto
2020-04-12update srcinfoAngelo Elias Dalzotto
2020-03-16ns-usbloader aur packageAngelo Elias Dalzotto