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2019-09-21Fix Java environment issue.Plague Doctor
2019-06-20Upgrade to version 2019.1880Plague Doctor
2019-04-19Upgrade to version 2019.2 (1868)Plague Doctor
2019-01-31Upgrade to version 2019.1.1855Plague Doctor
2019-01-15Upgrade to version 2019.1847. Java 11 requiredPlague Doctor
2018-11-15Upgrade to version 2017.1706Plague Doctor
2018-08-02Upgrade to version 2017.1691Plague Doctor
2018-04-01Upgrade to version 2017.1671Plague Doctor
2018-03-27Upgrade to version 2017.1670Plague Doctor
2018-01-04Implemented stronger checksums.Plague Doctor
2017-12-18Upgrade to version 2017.1656.Plague Doctor
2017-11-21An update so we use secure SSL connection.Plague Doctor
2017-09-25Upgrade to version 2017.1639Plague Doctor
2017-07-18Upgrade to version 2017.1624Plague Doctor
2017-06-29Quiet upgrade to version 2017-3.1622Plague Doctor
2017-06-26Fix to version 2017-3.1620 release 2Plague Doctor
2017-06-26Upgrade to version 2017-3.1620 release 2Plague Doctor
2017-06-26Upgrade to version 2017-3.1620Plague Doctor
2017-04-03Upgrade to version 2017.1584Plague Doctor
2016-10-292017.1584 sha256 -> default md5Sander Zuidema
2016-10-292017.1584 fix sha256sums odditySander Zuidema
2016-10-29Version 2017.1584Sander Zuidema
2016-03-16Fixed sha256sum of moneydance.shSander Zuidema
2016-03-16Added AA Fontsettings to startup scriptSander Zuidema
2016-03-162015.1538 - Desktop icon now from linux sourceSander Zuidema
2015-10-25Update 2015.1299Sander Zuidema
2015-06-13Initial AUR4 package / build 1225szuidema