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2016-05-17Resolve conflict with 'ndiff' from package 'nmap'Thomas Gläßle
2016-05-17Update to MAD-X 5.02.10Thomas Gläßle
2016-05-17Fix problem with Fortran 6.X.XThomas Gläßle
2016-01-19Update for 5.02.08Thomas Gläßle
2015-10-01Include lapack dependencyThomas Gläßle
2015-10-01Update .SRCINFOThomas Gläßle
2015-07-03Update for 5.02.06Thomas Gläßle
2015-04-21Update for 5.02.05 (development release)Thomas Gläßle
2014-12-01Build latest development releaseThomas Gläßle
2014-11-30Add initial version from AUR package madx-svnThomas Gläßle