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2020-02-14Bump to 5.5.4-1Piotr Gorski
2020-02-11Bump to 5.5.3-1Piotr Gorski
2020-02-06Sync with ArchPiotr Gorski
2020-02-04Bump to 5.5.2-1Piotr Gorski
2020-02-01Bump to 5.4.17-1Piotr Gorski
2020-01-29Bump to 5.4.16-1Piotr Gorski
2020-01-26Bump to 5.4.15-1Piotr Gorski
2020-01-23Bump to 5.4.14-1Piotr Gorski
2020-01-18Sync with ArchPiotr Gorski
2020-01-18Sync with ArchPiotr Gorski
2020-01-17Bump to 5.4.13-1Piotr Gorski
2020-01-14Bump to 5.4.12-1Piotr Gorski
2020-01-12Bump to 5.4.11-1Piotr Gorski
2020-01-09Bump to 5.4.10-1Piotr Gorski
2020-01-09Bump to 5.4.9-1Piotr Gorski
2020-01-05Bump to 5.4.8-1Piotr Gorski
2019-12-31Bump to 5.4.7-1Piotr Gorski
2019-12-21Bump to 5.4.6-1Piotr Gorski
2019-12-18Bump to 5.4.5-1Piotr Gorski
2019-12-17Bump to 5.4.4-1Piotr Gorski
2019-12-13Bump to 5.4.3-1Piotr Gorski
2019-12-05Bump to 5.4.2-1Piotr Gorski
2019-11-29Bump to 5.4.1-1Piotr Gorski
2019-11-28Bump to 5.4-1Piotr Gorski
2019-11-24Bump to 5.3.13-1Piotr Gorski
2019-11-20Bump to 5.3.12-1Piotr Gorski
2019-11-125.3.11-1Piotr Gorski
2019-11-105.3.10-1Piotr Gorski
2019-11-06Bump to 5.3.9-1Piotr Gorski
2019-10-29Bump to 5.3.8-1Piotr Gorski
2019-10-18Bump to 5.3.7-1Piotr Gorski
2019-10-12Bump to 5.3.6-2Piotr Gorski
2019-10-11Bump to 5.3.6-1Piotr Gorski
2019-10-07Bump to 5.3.5-1Piotr Gorski
2019-10-06Bump to 5.3.4-1Piotr Gorski
2019-10-01Bump to 5.3.2-1Piotr Gorski
2019-09-22Bump to 5.3.1-1Piotr Gorski
2019-09-20Bump to 5.3.yPiotr Gorski
2019-09-16Bump to 5.2.15-1Piotr Gorski
2019-09-10Bump to 5.2.14-1Piotr Gorski
2019-09-06Bump to 5.2.13-1Piotr Gorski
2019-05-30version: 5.1.5Haruue Icymoon
2019-01-23update: kernel 4.20.4Haruue Icymoon
2018-11-30update: kernel 4.19.5Haruue Icymoon
2018-08-17update: kernel 4.18.1Haruue Icymoon
2018-07-04update: kernel 4.17.3Haruue Icymoon
2018-05-31update: kernel 4.16.13Haruue Icymoon
2018-05-09fix: build with gcc6Haruue Icymoon
2018-05-09fix: prevent build with gcc 8.1.0 tempHaruue Icymoon
2018-05-09update: kernel 4.16.7Haruue Icymoon