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2020-04-28Fix few itemsNathan Owens
2019-01-03Updated to 2.5.2Federico Di Pierro
2018-11-11Updated to 2.4.4.Federico Di Pierro
2018-10-19Updated.Federico Di Pierro
2018-10-05Updated.Federico Di Pierro
2018-07-28Updated to new release.Federico Di Pierro
2018-06-16Dropped submodules in favour of two new aur packages.Federico Di Pierro
2018-06-14Another attempt at fixing submodules' hellFederico Di Pierro
2018-06-14Fixed submodule init.Federico Di Pierro
2018-06-14Small fix.Federico Di Pierro
2018-06-14Uploaded libulfius to AUR. First draft.Federico Di Pierro