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2 daysNew minor version 7.71.1Xuanrui Qi
6 daysRelease 7.71.0Xuanrui Qi
2020-05-24Version 7.70.0Xuanrui Qi
2020-02-26Update to 7.68.0, restore sign check, add libssl2Florian Maunier
2018-09-06upgrade to 7.61.1-1Florian Maunier
2018-09-06Remove sig check due to the mass of comments about itFlorian Maunier
2018-05-18chore(version): Upgrade to cURL 7.60.0Florian Maunier
2018-01-04chore(version): Upgrade to cURL 7.57.0Florian Maunier
2017-06-23Update rev, restore packageFlorian Maunier
2017-05-10Add symlinksMichael Straube
2017-04-26Update to 7.54.0Michael Straube
2017-03-30Initial importMichael Straube