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2020-11-28Update to 6.3Dimitris Kiziridis
2020-05-13sanitize pkgbuildDimitris Kiziridis
2020-04-12align textDimitris Kiziridis
2020-04-09Update to 6.2.1Dimitris Kiziridis
2020-01-19update to 6.1Narrat
2019-08-20v6.0Ronuk Raval
2019-05-05v5.9Ronuk Raval
2019-01-06update to 5.8Ronuk Raval
2018-06-04leo: update to 5.7.3Narrat
Additionally change the download url to github. Quote all pkgdir and srcdir vars and remove install file, as this is covered by hooks
2017-12-13update to 5.6David Scholl
2017-03-28update to 5.5David Scholl
2016-03-19Update to 5.2David Scholl
2015-10-26Arch version bump to 5.1.2David Scholl
2015-07-06Initial importDavid Scholl