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2021-02-24upgpkg: kanshi-git r92.dabd7a2-2Pi-Yueh Chuang
2020-10-11upgpkg: kanshi-git r89.7095bed-1Pi-Yueh Chuang
2020-06-11upgpkg: kanshi-git r85.846b725-1Pi-Yueh Chuang
2019-09-09Update the rel so that the deps are properly accounted forBen Widawsky
2019-08-30Bump to needed wlroots version now that it's releasedBen Widawsky
2019-06-07Use upstream fix for mandirBen Widawsky
2019-06-06Forgot to add .SRCINFO...Ben Widawsky
2019-06-05Update to C based buildBen Widawsky
2019-03-19initial release of kanshi-gitMattias Giese