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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-12-16Update upstream Git URLIvan Shapovalov
2019-12-16Bump; remove redundant depsIvan Shapovalov
2018-11-14BumpIvan Shapovalov
2018-11-14Add usbmuxd-git depIvan Shapovalov
2018-06-06Drop zlib patch -- fixed in upstreamIvan Shapovalov
2018-05-09Bump to r572.b8b3035; patch buildsystem to search for and link with zlib.Ivan Shapovalov
2017-01-10Update clone URL, explicitly depend on libplist-git.Ivan Shapovalov
2015-11-19Bump to r527.e2e83dc; patch build system to link to pthread.Ivan Shapovalov
2015-03-13Automated: update to 1:r497.861f45c-1Ivan Shapovalov
2014-07-02Automated: update to 481.704afa3-1Ivan Shapovalov
2014-05-25Automated: initialized with version 107.fde8082-1Ivan Shapovalov