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AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2016-08-19Update to latest version of icedtea-web from ABSEmil Lundberg
2016-04-20Update SRCINFOEmil Lundberg
2015-09-18Move previously splitted package headers to top of PKGBUILDEmil Lundberg
2015-09-18Remove icedtea-web-doc packageEmil Lundberg
2015-09-18Set pkgbase=icedtea-web-jre32 as AUR expectsEmil Lundberg
2015-09-18Add patch for broken package-info.javaEmil Lundberg
2015-09-18Update pkgver to 1.6.1Emil Lundberg
2015-09-18Rename package to icedtea-web-jre32Emil Lundberg
2015-09-18Use /usr/lib32/jvm instead of /usr/lib/jvmEmil Lundberg
2015-09-18Initial commit: Fork official extra/icedtea-webEmil Lundberg