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2020-07-11Reverting the sha256sum experiment, such that checksum isn't verifiedFrederik Nordahl Jul Sabroe
2020-07-10Experiment with adding sha256sum again.Frederik Nordahl Jul Sabroe
2020-07-10Forgot to bump version numberFrederik Nordahl Jul Sabroe
2020-07-10Decided to omit checksumFrederik Nordahl Jul Sabroe
2020-07-10Switch to sha256 sumsFrederik Nordahl Jul Sabroe
2020-07-10Update .SRCINFOFrederik Nordahl Jul Sabroe
2020-07-06Updated ChecksumCharles L
2020-07-03Updated ChecksumsCharles L
2020-07-01Updated SRCINFOcharliehogger
2020-06-28Update .SRCINFOAdam Ehlers Nyholm Thomsen
2020-06-26upgpkg: hunspell-da 2.5.105-1Jamie Magee
2020-06-25upgpkg: hunspell-da 2.5.104-1Jamie Magee
2020-06-25upgpkg: hunspell-da 2.5.103-1Jamie Magee
2020-06-22upgpkg: hunspell-da 2.5.102-1Jamie Magee
2020-06-21upgpkg: hunspell-da 2.5.101-1Jamie Magee
2019-02-26upgpkg: hunspell-da 2.4-1Jamie Magee
2017-02-27Update source and arch.Adam Ehlers Nyholm Thomsen
2015-12-14Forgot mksrcinfoAdam Ehlers Nyholm Thomsen
2015-08-20Make namcap happy.Adam Ehlers Nyholm Thomsen
2015-08-14Initial version (2.2)Adam Ehlers Nyholm Thomsen