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2021-11-14update to 3.1.3danieltetraquark
2021-09-27update to 3.1.2danieltetraquark
2021-08-22Revert "add php iconv dependency"danieltetraquark
2021-08-22add php iconv dependencydanieltetraquark
2021-08-21update to 3.1.1danieltetraquark
2021-07-16update to 3.1.0danieltetraquark
2021-01-29also use php7 for composer, otherwise build failsdanieltetraquark
2021-01-29use legacy php7 packagesdanieltetraquark
2021-01-11fix symlinks. Please note upgrade notice at aur pagedadosch
2021-01-10switch to actual building from source, update to 3.0.1dadosch
2020-12-22update to 3.0.0, don't serve source zip in webrootdadosch
2020-12-18use fixed user id for buildability in chroot envsdadosch
2020-05-28add php-gd dependencydadosch
2020-04-17version 2.7.1dadosch
2020-02-03update to 2.6.0dadosch
2019-12-23remove nginx, apache as dependencydadosch
2019-12-23initial pkgbuild for grocydadosch