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2021-07-25fixed streaming and downloading FLACs for HIFI account users ONLYXandar
2021-07-22fixed streaming and downloading,flacs are currently disabledXandar
2021-07-16fixed downloading and streaming flac 1.1.22Xandar
2021-07-05updated to new version 1.1.21Xandar
2021-06-05updated to latest version 1.1.20Xandar
2021-04-17added dependencies, conflicts and sha256sumsXandar Null
2021-04-17updated to 1.1.19, and fixed the PKGBUILD, thanks to eNV25Xandar Null
2021-04-02fixed pamac installation, maybeXandar Null
2021-04-01versio 1.1.18 releasedXandar Null
2021-03-02Freezer 1.1.17Xandar Null