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2020-05-25Set "-O3 -fno-plt" explicitlyDaniel Eklöf
Adding -O3 works around a GCC 10.1 O2+PGO performance regression.
2020-05-13Update to 1.3.0Daniel Eklöf
2020-04-24update package descriptionDaniel Eklöf
2020-04-21Update fcft to 1.1.7Daniel Eklöf
2020-03-18Update fcft to 1.1.5Daniel Eklöf
2020-03-15Update to 1.2.3Daniel Eklöf
2020-03-14Update to 1.2.2Daniel Eklöf
2020-03-14update fcft to 1.1.4, fix packaging of terminfoDaniel Eklöf
2020-03-06Initial PKGBUILDDaniel Eklöf