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2021-08-29Terminfo files are now once again installed to /usr/share/terminfoDaniel Eklöf
2021-08-27Update to 1.9.0Daniel Eklöf
2021-07-18Update to 1.8.2Daniel Eklöf
2021-07-01Update to 1.8.1Daniel Eklöf
2021-06-25Update to 1.8.0Daniel Eklöf
2021-05-04foot-terminfo has been split out to a separate AUR packageDaniel Eklöf
2021-04-22Full PGO: add a short sleep before executing generate-alt-random-writes.pyDaniel Eklöf
2021-04-18Update to 1.7.2Daniel Eklöf
2021-03-28Add support for doing PGO builds with ClangDaniel Eklöf
2021-03-28Update to 1.7.1Daniel Eklöf
2021-03-20Install license fileDaniel Eklöf
2021-03-20Update to 1.7.0Daniel Eklöf
2021-02-26Rename downloaded tarball, since the codeberg name is just the version numberDaniel Eklöf
2021-02-26Depend on tllist from AUR instead of manually downloading itDaniel Eklöf
2021-02-14Add libnotify as an optional dependencyDaniel Eklöf
2021-02-12Update to 1.6.4Daniel Eklöf
2021-02-07Update tllist to 1.0.5Daniel Eklöf
2021-01-30Update to 1.6.3Daniel Eklöf
2020-12-21Update to 1.6.2Daniel Eklöf
2020-12-21Update to 1.6.1Daniel Eklöf
2020-12-19... and update .SRCINFODaniel Eklöf
2020-12-19Use pgo helper to do a headless PGO build when building in a non-Wayland sessionDaniel Eklöf
2020-12-18Update to 1.6.0Daniel Eklöf
2020-12-18Update fcft to 2.3.2Daniel Eklöf
2020-12-02Updated changelog for 1.5.4Daniel Eklöf
2020-12-01Update to 1.5.4Daniel Eklöf
2020-11-14Remove -fno-plt from CFLAGSDaniel Eklöf
2020-11-12Fix foot-terminfo dependency and add changelogDaniel Eklöf
2020-11-11Make foot-terminfo a hard dependency for footDaniel Eklöf
2020-11-06Update to 1.5.3Daniel Eklöf
2020-10-13Update to 1.5.2Daniel Eklöf
2020-10-11Update to 1.5.1Daniel Eklöf
2020-09-18Update to foot 1.5.0, and bump tllist to 1.0.4, fcft to 2.3.1Daniel Eklöf
2020-08-31Update fcft to 2.2.7Daniel Eklöf
2020-08-12Update fcft to 2.2.5Daniel Eklöf
2020-07-31Update tllist to 1.0.2Daniel Eklöf
2020-07-29Add fontconfig+freetype2 dependenciesDaniel Eklöf
2020-07-29Update to 1.4.4Daniel Eklöf
2020-07-27Update fcft to 2.2.3Daniel Eklöf
2020-07-27Update to 1.4.3Daniel Eklöf
2020-07-23Update to 1.4.2Daniel Eklöf
2020-07-22Update to 1.4.1Daniel Eklöf
2020-07-22Update to 1.4.0, and bump fcft to 2.2.2Daniel Eklöf
2020-06-23Update fcft to 2.1.3Daniel Eklöf
2020-06-19Update fcft to 2.1.2Daniel Eklöf
2020-06-05Works on aarch64 tooDaniel Eklöf
2020-06-02Update fcft to 2.1.1Daniel Eklöf
2020-05-25Set "-O3 -fno-plt" explicitlyDaniel Eklöf
2020-05-13Update to 1.3.0Daniel Eklöf
2020-04-24update package descriptionDaniel Eklöf