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11 daysUpdate to ffmpegfs 2.6Willem Mulder
2021-06-21Update to ffmpegfs 2.5Willem Mulder
2021-06-18Update to ffmpegfs 2.3Willem Mulder
2021-02-17Update to ffmpegfs 2.2Willem Mulder
2020-09-14Update to ffmpegfs 2.0Willem Mulder
2020-07-22Update to ffmpegfs 1.99Willem Mulder
2020-06-14Update to ffmpegfs 1.98Willem Mulder
2020-04-24Update ffmpegfs to version 1.11Willem Mulder
2020-02-22Update to ffmpegfs 1.10, backport PR #47Willem Mulder
2019-11-23Update to version 1.9Willem Mulder
Upstream moved the default cache directory from /tmp to /var/cache, but this causes permission issues (needs to be world-writable). The way upstream implemented this move also tries to add a user and group during `make install`, which does not work in packaging.
2019-05-28Update to ffmpegfs 1.8Willem Mulder
2019-03-01Update to FFmpegfs v1.7Willem Mulder
2019-01-17Update to ffmpegfs 1.6Willem Mulder
2018-06-09Move existing optdepends to dependsWillem Mulder
These are compile-time optional dependencies, not runtime.
2018-06-09Update to ffmpegfs 1.5Willem Mulder
2018-06-01Update to ffmpegfs 1.4Willem Mulder
2018-05-30Update to ffmpegfs 1.3Willem Mulder
2018-04-23Update to version 1.2Willem Mulder
2018-01-19Create packageWillem Mulder