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2022-01-13update to 2.1.2dHellogain
2021-10-09Bump to 2.1.2.bHellogain
2021-07-14Bump to 2.1.2-2Hellogain
pkgrel to v2 because original 2.1.2 was depublished and republished but had a different hash
2021-07-142.1.2 was republishedHellogain
Revert "2.1.2 was unpublished." This reverts commit b66cfa002c0a87c2d641531932d438b470b3a0db.
2021-07-092.1.2 was unpublished.Hellogain
Revert "Bump to 2.1.2" This reverts commit 4ec0377bfcd4da91c94e23db483388f56382f3eb.
2021-07-09Bump to 2.1.2Hellogain
2021-03-01Bump to 2.1.1.b-1Hellogain
2021-01-16Bump to 2.1.1.a-1Hellogain
Adding new package-format *.tar.zst to gitignore
2020-07-08Bump to 2.1.0.e-2Hellogain
Fixing permissions from previous pkgrel Adding install script to help with incompatible libraries (See: ) Added second desktop file for clean mode (i.e. -clean flag)
2020-06-06bump to 2.1.0.e-2Hellogain
fixing some permission problems (preliminary, it is not optimal)
2020-06-05updated to 2.1.0e (tranlated to 2.1.0.e for pacman)Hellogain
2020-05-22updated to 2.1.0c (tranlated to 2.1.0.c for pacman)Hellogain
2020-04-14Update to Fakturama 2.1.0Hellogain
2019-09-10Update to Fakturama 2.0.5Hellogain
2019-03-26Updated to fakturama 2.0.4Hellogain
2019-01-23download-url of package changedHellogain
2018-10-02Updated to fakturama 2.0.3Hellogain
2018-10-02Updated srcinfo.Hellogain
2018-07-24Initial commit.Helloagain
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