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2021-08-31quick fixAtifChy
2021-08-31added a post install commandAtifChy
2021-08-31better pkgver()AtifChy
2021-08-31added example configAtifChy
2021-08-30update to latest commitAtifChy
2021-02-10Changed pkgver() and switched to install commandFronkles McFranko
2021-01-07Updated with elkowar's suggestionsFronkles McFranko
2020-10-26Removed "$_pkgname" from provides arrayFronkles McFranko
2020-10-26Conflicts with "eww"Fronkles McFranko
That's not an existing package, but I figured I'd list it in case someone makes a non git eww package.
2020-10-26Fixed pkgver() and pkgver varFronkles McFranko
2020-10-26initFronkles McFranko