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2017-11-10v2.9.4Dan Beste
* Updates for the November 2017 Bitcoin (cash) hard fork
2017-11-08Fix PKGBUILDDan Beste
* PKGBUILD: Include .install file in source array * PKGBUILD: Call tox2 in check instead of tox
2017-11-07v2.9.3.r54.g1faa1f43Dan Beste
* PKGBUILD: Update dependencies * PKGBUILD: Update build() and package() functions * PKGBUILD: Add check() function
2017-11-01Fix python2-pyqt5 dependencyDan Beste
2017-11-01v2.9.3.r49.gf0de53e9Dan Beste
* Remove qt4 dependencies * Add qt5 dependencies
2017-10-08v2.9.3.r29.gcd7042fcDan Beste
2017-08-18PKGBUILD cleanupDan Beste
2017-08-18InitDan Beste