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2020-10-21Add PR142 from xuzhen waiting for it to be pulled.Ted Alff
2020-08-02Switch to GTK3 branch.Ted Alff
2018-02-16Version bumpTed Alff
2018-01-18Version update 0.92+20+g9c9d130Ted Alff
2017-12-11Parameterize providesTed Alff
2017-12-11Remove upstreamed patchTed Alff
2017-11-18Include patch for actionsTed Alff
2016-12-21git is make depend not bzr.Ted Alff
2016-09-06Added python2-six as dependency.Ted Alff
2016-05-23Updated provides to 0.92. Changed url to github.Ted Alff
2015-07-28Initial AUR4 importTed Alff