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2020-08-09updated to 0.9.7André-Sebastian Liebe
2017-09-30updated to 0.9.32 including compile-fixAndré-Sebastian Liebe
2017-07-29add Linux 4.12 compatbility from upstream patchesAndré-Sebastian Liebe
2017-07-09added dkms cross kernel version compatibilityAndré-Sebastian Liebe
2017-05-27updated dddvb to 0.6.29André-Sebastian Liebe
2016-09-26Add missing source infoMartin Schulze
2016-02-26Sync from VDR4Arch ( Reimer
2015-12-14Sync from VDR4Arch ( Reimer
2015-10-04Sync from VDR4Arch ( Reimer
2015-08-04Sync from VDR4Arch ( Reimer
2015-06-08Sync from VDR4Arch ( Reimer