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2021-10-05Bump to version 3.0.2Xuanwo
2021-05-29Fix desktop file not updatedXuanwo
2021-05-28Fix link target incorrectXuanwo
2021-05-28Fix ln -s with the wrong srcXuanwo
2021-02-27Bump to version 2.0.22Xuanwo
2021-02-19Fix typo in PKGBUILDXuanwo
2021-02-18Create shortcutXuanwo
2021-01-23Bump version to 2.0.21Xuanwo
2020-10-08Update to 2.0.20, fix icon, reduce download sizeMax Ulidtko
2020-09-17Fix SRCINFO not updatedXuanwo
2020-09-12Bump version to 2.0.16Xuanwo
2020-07-21Bump to version 2.0.12Xuanwo
2020-06-25Bump to version 2.0.11Xuanwo
2020-04-17Add clickup 2.0.8Xuanwo