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2019-11-06Updated to 7.2.7Darren Ldl
2019-08-28Updated to version 7.2.6Darren Ldl
2019-07-29Updated to version 7.2.5Darren Ldl
2019-07-21Updated to version 7.2.4Darren Ldl
2019-07-15Updated to v7.2.3Darren Ldl
2019-07-07Updated to version 7.2.2Darren Ldl
2019-07-07Updated to version v7.2.1Darren Ldl
2019-06-30Reverted back to version 7.1.0Darren Ldl
2019-06-28Updated to version 7.2.0Darren Ldl
2019-06-24Updated to version 7.1.1Darren Ldl
2019-06-10Updated to v7.1.0Darren Ldl
2019-05-26Updated to version v7.0.0Darren Ldl
2019-04-19Version bumpDarren Ldl
2019-04-12Updated to version 6.0.0Darren Ldl
2019-04-11Updated hash, updated .SRCINFODarren Ldl
2019-04-08Initial PKGBUILD and .SRCINFO uploadDarren Ldl