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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-06-28Update to 0.21.1Uncle Hunto
2020-01-12Update version to 0.19 branchUncle Hunto
2019-02-04Bump commit numberUncle Hunto
2019-01-23Bump version to 0.17.1Uncle Hunto
2018-11-30remove patchUncle Hunto
2018-10-17Add official SSLv3 patchUncle Hunto
2018-10-15Add SSLv3 patchUncle Hunto
2018-10-15Bump version to 0.17.0Uncle Hunto
2018-09-22Bump version to 0.16.3Uncle Hunto
2018-07-30Bump version to 0.16.2Uncle Hunto
2018-06-13cleanupsUncle Hunto
2018-06-13Update to 0.16.1Uncle Hunto
2018-04-06Update VersionUncle Hunto
2018-02-26Update to 0.16.0Uncle Hunto
2018-02-03Update to 0.15.1.r16Uncle Hunto
2017-11-14Update versionUncle Hunto
2017-11-14Update to 0.15.1Uncle Hunto
2017-09-11Update to 0.15, re-enable unit tests now that all are workingUncle Hunto
2017-08-26Don't do unit tests until fixed for segwitUncle Hunto
2017-06-26Update to 0.14.2, add python to make dependsUncle Hunto
2017-04-24Update to 0.14.1Uncle Hunto
2017-03-28Update pkgverUncle Hunto
2017-03-15Update to 0.14.0 release versionUncle Hunto
2017-02-22Update to 0.14Uncle Hunto
2016-10-27Update to 13.1, add dev. tools to pkgUncle Hunto
2016-10-14Update to 0.13 branchUncle Hunto
2016-04-16Update to Qt5Uncle Hunto
2016-02-24update to 0.12 branch, remove UPNP due to security concerns, cleanup PKGBUILDUncle Hunto
2016-01-13update SRCINFOUncle Hunto
2016-01-13Add UPNP option, build with multiple coresUncle Hunto
2015-12-27Fix Upstream URLUncle Hunto
2015-10-15Removed Patch, no longer neededUncle Hunto
2015-10-08Added SHA512 ChecksumsUncle Hunto
2015-10-08Added PatchUncle Hunto
2015-08-25Initial importUncle Hunto