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2020-09-18update SRCINFOBrian Cole
2020-08-22Bump to v2.5Sam Whited
2020-06-04Bump to v2.4Sam Whited
2020-03-26Bump to v2.3Sam Whited
2020-01-06Bump to v2.2Sam Whited
2019-11-18Bump to v2.1Sam Whited
2019-09-18Bump to 2.0Sam Whited
2019-06-11Bump to v1.49Sam Whited
2019-06-08Bump to v1.48Sam Whited
2019-01-31Use the right version of Python in makedependsSam Whited
2019-01-31Initial commit of version 1.47Sam Whited