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8 files changed, 618 insertions, 0 deletions
diff --git a/.SRCINFO b/.SRCINFO
new file mode 100644
index 00000000000..c7a3d50f66c
--- /dev/null
+++ b/.SRCINFO
@@ -0,0 +1,63 @@
+# Generated by makepkg 4.2.1
+# Mon Oct 5 23:44:24 UTC 2015
+pkgbase = firefox-beta
+ pkgdesc = Standalone web browser from - Beta (built from source)
+ pkgver = 42.0b3
+ pkgrel = 1
+ url =
+ install = firefox-beta.install
+ arch = i686
+ arch = x86_64
+ license = MPL
+ license = GPL
+ license = LGPL
+ makedepends = unzip
+ makedepends = zip
+ makedepends = diffutils
+ makedepends = python2
+ makedepends = yasm
+ makedepends = mesa
+ makedepends = imake
+ makedepends = gconf
+ makedepends = xorg-server-xvfb
+ makedepends = libpulse
+ makedepends = gst-plugins-base-libs
+ makedepends = inetutils
+ depends = gtk2
+ depends = mozilla-common
+ depends = libxt
+ depends = startup-notification
+ depends = mime-types
+ depends = dbus-glib
+ depends = alsa-lib
+ depends = desktop-file-utils
+ depends = hicolor-icon-theme
+ depends = libvpx
+ depends = icu
+ depends = libevent
+ depends = nss
+ depends = hunspell
+ depends = sqlite
+ optdepends = networkmanager: Location detection via available WiFi networks
+ optdepends = gst-plugins-good: h.264 video
+ optdepends = gst-libav: h.264 video
+ optdepends = upower: Battery API
+ provides = firefox=42.0b3
+ conflicts = firefox-beta-bin
+ options = !emptydirs
+ options = !makeflags
+ source =
+ source = mozconfig
+ source = firefox-beta.desktop
+ source = firefox-install-dir.patch
+ source = vendor.js
+ source = firefox-fixed-loading-icon.png
+ sha256sums = a2ad668134bae4be25d847d1677c2f9e04d406545eaa3a28531494b9fb72f02b
+ sha256sums = c89abe5ee54637743ee1f54c9e760dc9c35f18a175b46e5dcbb914e06f1b1f2f
+ sha256sums = c00fe55ca654813222b835c34de39fd2c15413adc7713a8390b5c64cb00bc8fc
+ sha256sums = d86e41d87363656ee62e12543e2f5181aadcff448e406ef3218e91865ae775cd
+ sha256sums = 4b50e9aec03432e21b44d18c4c97b2630bace606b033f7d556c9d3e3eb0f4fa4
+ sha256sums = 68e3a5b47c6d175cc95b98b069a15205f027cab83af9e075818d38610feb6213
+pkgname = firefox-beta
diff --git a/PKGBUILD b/PKGBUILD
new file mode 100644
index 00000000000..8241a3b1f56
--- /dev/null
@@ -0,0 +1,133 @@
+# Maintainer: argymeg <argymeg at gmail dot com>
+pkgdesc="Standalone web browser from - Beta (built from source)"
+arch=('i686' 'x86_64')
+license=('MPL' 'GPL' 'LGPL')
+depends=('gtk2' 'mozilla-common' 'libxt' 'startup-notification' 'mime-types'
+ 'dbus-glib' 'alsa-lib' 'desktop-file-utils' 'hicolor-icon-theme'
+ 'libvpx' 'icu' 'libevent' 'nss' 'hunspell' 'sqlite')
+makedepends=('unzip' 'zip' 'diffutils' 'python2' 'yasm' 'mesa' 'imake' 'gconf'
+ 'xorg-server-xvfb' 'libpulse' 'gst-plugins-base-libs'
+ 'inetutils')
+optdepends=('networkmanager: Location detection via available WiFi networks'
+ 'gst-plugins-good: h.264 video'
+ 'gst-libav: h.264 video'
+ 'upower: Battery API')
+options=('!emptydirs' '!makeflags')
+ mozconfig
+ firefox-beta.desktop
+ firefox-install-dir.patch
+ vendor.js
+ firefox-fixed-loading-icon.png)
+ 'c89abe5ee54637743ee1f54c9e760dc9c35f18a175b46e5dcbb914e06f1b1f2f'
+ 'c00fe55ca654813222b835c34de39fd2c15413adc7713a8390b5c64cb00bc8fc'
+ 'd86e41d87363656ee62e12543e2f5181aadcff448e406ef3218e91865ae775cd'
+ '4b50e9aec03432e21b44d18c4c97b2630bace606b033f7d556c9d3e3eb0f4fa4'
+ '68e3a5b47c6d175cc95b98b069a15205f027cab83af9e075818d38610feb6213')
+# Google API keys (see
+# Note: These are for Arch Linux use ONLY. For your own distribution, please
+# get your own set of keys. Feel free to contact for
+# more information.
+# Mozilla API keys (see
+# Note: These are for Arch Linux use ONLY. For your own distribution, please
+# get your own set of keys. Feel free to contact for
+# more information.
+prepare() {
+ cd firefox-$pkgver
+ cp ../mozconfig .mozconfig
+ patch -Np1 -i ../firefox-install-dir.patch
+ echo -n "$_google_api_key" >google-api-key
+ echo "ac_add_options --with-google-api-keyfile=\"$PWD/google-api-key\"" >>.mozconfig
+ echo -n "$_google_default_client_id $_google_default_client_secret" >google-oauth-api-key
+ echo "ac_add_options --with-google-oauth-api-keyfile=\"$PWD/google-oauth-api-key\"" >>.mozconfig
+ echo -n "$_mozilla_api_key" >mozilla-api-key
+ echo "ac_add_options --with-mozilla-api-keyfile=\"$PWD/mozilla-api-key\"" >>.mozconfig
+ mkdir "$srcdir/path"
+ # WebRTC build tries to execute "python" and expects Python 2
+ ln -s /usr/bin/python2 "$srcdir/path/python"
+ # configure script misdetects the preprocessor without an optimization level
+ #
+ sed -i '/ac_cpp=/s/$CPPFLAGS/& -O2/' configure
+ # Fix tab loading icon (doesn't work with libpng 1.6)
+ #
+ cp "$srcdir/firefox-fixed-loading-icon.png" \
+ browser/themes/linux/tabbrowser/loading.png
+build() {
+ cd firefox-$pkgver
+ export PATH="$srcdir/path:$PATH"
+ export PYTHON="/usr/bin/python2"
+ # Do PGO
+ xvfb-run -a -s "-extension GLX -screen 0 1280x1024x24" \
+ make -f build MOZ_PGO=1
+package() {
+ cd firefox-$pkgver
+ make -f DESTDIR="$pkgdir" INSTALL_SDK= install
+ mkdir "$pkgdir"/opt/firefox-beta
+ mv "$pkgdir"/opt/firefox/* "$pkgdir"/opt/firefox-beta/
+ rm -r "$pkgdir"/opt/firefox
+ # cp -r "$pkgdir"/opt/firefox/* "$pkgdir"/opt/firefox-beta/
+ install -Dm644 ../vendor.js "$pkgdir/opt/firefox-beta/browser/defaults/preferences/vendor.js"
+ for i in 16 22 24 32 48 256; do
+ install -Dm644 browser/branding/official/default$i.png \
+ "$pkgdir/usr/share/icons/hicolor/${i}x${i}/apps/firefox-beta.png"
+ done
+ install -Dm644 browser/branding/official/content/icon64.png \
+ "$pkgdir/usr/share/icons/hicolor/64x64/apps/firefox-beta.png"
+ install -Dm644 browser/branding/official/mozicon128.png \
+ "$pkgdir/usr/share/icons/hicolor/128x128/apps/firefox-beta.png"
+ install -Dm644 browser/branding/official/content/about-logo.png \
+ "$pkgdir/usr/share/icons/hicolor/192x192/apps/firefox-beta.png"
+ install -Dm644 browser/branding/official/content/about-logo@2x.png \
+ "$pkgdir/usr/share/icons/hicolor/384x384/apps/firefox-beta.png"
+ install -Dm644 ../firefox-beta.desktop \
+ "$pkgdir/usr/share/applications/firefox-beta.desktop"
+ # Use system-provided dictionaries
+ rm -rf "$pkgdir"/opt/firefox-beta/{dictionaries,hyphenation}
+ ln -s /usr/share/hunspell "$pkgdir/opt/firefox-beta/dictionaries"
+ ln -s /usr/share/hyphen "$pkgdir/opt/firefox-beta/hyphenation"
+ #workaround for now
+ #
+ ln -sf /opt/firefox-beta/firefox "$pkgdir/opt/firefox-beta/firefox-beta-bin"
+ # /usr/bin symlinks
+ rm -f "$pkgdir"/usr/bin/firefox
+ ln -s /opt/firefox-beta/firefox "$pkgdir"/usr/bin/firefox-beta
+ ln -s /opt/firefox-beta/firefox "$pkgdir"/usr/bin/firefox-beta-bin
diff --git a/firefox-beta.desktop b/firefox-beta.desktop
new file mode 100644
index 00000000000..d2c804b979f
--- /dev/null
+++ b/firefox-beta.desktop
@@ -0,0 +1,352 @@
+[Desktop Entry]
+Name=Firefox Beta
+GenericName=Web Browser
+GenericName[ar]=متصفح ويب
+GenericName[ast]=Restolador Web
+GenericName[bn]=ওয়েব ব্রাউজার
+GenericName[ca]=Navegador web
+GenericName[cs]=Webový prohlížeč
+GenericName[el]=Περιηγητής διαδικτύου
+GenericName[es]=Navegador web
+GenericName[fa]=مرورگر اینترنتی
+GenericName[fr]=Navigateur Web
+GenericName[gl]=Navegador Web
+GenericName[he]=דפדפן אינטרנט
+GenericName[hr]=Web preglednik
+GenericName[it]=Browser web
+GenericName[ko]=웹 브라우저
+GenericName[ku]=Geroka torê
+GenericName[lt]=Interneto naršyklė
+GenericName[pl]=Przeglądarka WWW
+GenericName[pt]=Navegador Web
+GenericName[pt_BR]=Navegador Web
+GenericName[ro]=Navigator Internet
+GenericName[sk]=Internetový prehliadač
+GenericName[sl]=Spletni brskalnik
+GenericName[tr]=Web Tarayıcı
+GenericName[vi]=Trình duyệt Web
+Comment=Browse the World Wide Web
+Comment[ar]=تصفح الشبكة العنكبوتية العالمية
+Comment[ast]=Restola pela Rede
+Comment[bn]=ইন্টারনেট ব্রাউজ করুন
+Comment[ca]=Navegueu per la web
+Comment[cs]=Prohlížení stránek World Wide Webu
+Comment[da]=Surf på internettet
+Comment[de]=Im Internet surfen
+Comment[el]=Μπορείτε να περιηγηθείτε στο διαδίκτυο (Web)
+Comment[es]=Navegue por la web
+Comment[et]=Lehitse veebi
+Comment[fa]=صفحات شبکه جهانی اینترنت را مرور نمایید
+Comment[fi]=Selaa Internetin WWW-sivuja
+Comment[fr]=Naviguer sur le Web
+Comment[gl]=Navegar pola rede
+Comment[he]=גלישה ברחבי האינטרנט
+Comment[hr]=Pretražite web
+Comment[hu]=A világháló böngészése
+Comment[it]=Esplora il web
+Comment[ko]=웹을 돌아 다닙니다
+Comment[ku]=Li torê bigere
+Comment[lt]=Naršykite internete
+Comment[nb]=Surf på nettet
+Comment[nl]=Verken het internet
+Comment[nn]=Surf på nettet
+Comment[no]=Surf på nettet
+Comment[pl]=Przeglądanie stron WWW
+Comment[pt]=Navegue na Internet
+Comment[pt_BR]=Navegue na Internet
+Comment[ro]=Navigați pe Internet
+Comment[ru]=Доступ в Интернет
+Comment[sk]=Prehliadanie internetu
+Comment[sl]=Brskajte po spletu
+Comment[sv]=Surfa på webben
+Comment[tr]=İnternet'te Gezinin
+Comment[ug]=دۇنيادىكى توربەتلەرنى كۆرگىلى بولىدۇ
+Comment[uk]=Перегляд сторінок Інтернету
+Comment[vi]=Để duyệt các trang web
+Exec=firefox-beta %u
+[Desktop Action NewTab]
+Name=Open new tab
+Name[ach]=Yab dirica matidi manyen
+Name[af]=Open nuwe oortjie
+Name[an]=Ubrir una pestanya nueva
+Name[ar]=افتح لسانًا جديدًا
+Name[as]=নতুন টেব খোলক
+Name[ast]=Abrir llingüeta nueva
+Name[az]=Yeni vərəq aç
+Name[be]=Адкрыць новую ўстаўку
+Name[bg]=Отваряне на нов подпрозорец
+Name[bn_BD]=নতুন ট্যাব খুলুন
+Name[bn_IN]=নতুন ট্যাব খুলুন
+Name[br]=Digeriñ un ivinell nevez
+Name[bs]=Otvori novi tab
+Name[ca]=Obre una pestanya nova
+Name[cs]=Otevřít nový panel
+Name[cy]=Agor tab newydd
+Name[da]=Åbn nyt faneblad
+Name[de]=Neuen Tab öffnen
+Name[dsb]=Nowy rejtark wócyniś
+Name[el]=Άνοιγμα νέας καρτέλας
+Name[eo]=Malfermi novan langeton
+Name[es_AR]=Abrir nueva pestaña
+Name[es_CL]=Abrir nueva pestaña
+Name[es_ES]=Abrir pestaña nueva
+Name[es_MX]=Abrir una pestaña nueva
+Name[et]=Ava uus kaart
+Name[eu]=Ireki fitxa berria
+Name[ff]=Uddit tabbere hesere
+Name[fi]=Avaa uusi välilehti
+Name[fr]=Ouvrir un nouvel onglet
+Name[fy_NL]=Iepenje nij ljepblêd
+Name[ga_IE]=Oscail i gcluaisín nua
+Name[gd]=Fosgail taba ùr
+Name[gl]=Abrir unha nova lapela
+Name[gu_IN]=નવી ટૅબને ખોલો
+Name[he]=פתיחת לשונית חדשה
+Name[hi_IN]=नया टैब खोलें
+Name[hr]=Otvori novu karticu
+Name[hsb]=Nowy rajtark wočinić
+Name[hu]=Új lap megnyitása
+Name[hy_AM]=Բացել նոր ներդիր
+Name[id]=Buka tab baru
+Name[is]=Opna nýjan flipa
+Name[it]=Apri nuova scheda
+Name[kk]=Жаңа бетті ашу
+Name[kn]=ಹೊಸ ಹಾಳೆಯನ್ನು ತೆರೆ
+Name[ko]=새 탭 열기
+Name[lij]=Àrvi nêuvo féuggio
+Name[lt]=Atverti naują kortelę
+Name[mai]=नव टैब खोलू
+Name[mk]=Отвори ново јазиче
+Name[ml]=പുതിയ റ്റാബ് തുറക്കുക
+Name[mr]=नवीन टॅब उघडा
+Name[ms]=Buka tab baru
+Name[nb_NO]=Åpne ny fane
+Name[nl]=Nieuw tabblad openen
+Name[nn_NO]=Opna ny fane
+Name[or]=ନୂତନ ଟ୍ୟାବ ଖୋଲନ୍ତୁ
+Name[pa_IN]=ਨਵੀਂ ਟੈਬ ਖੋਲ੍ਹੋ
+Name[pl]=Otwórz nową kartę
+Name[pt_BR]=Nova aba
+Name[pt_PT]=Abrir novo separador
+Name[rm]=Avrir in nov tab
+Name[ro]=Deschide o filă nouă
+Name[ru]=Открыть новую вкладку
+Name[si]=නව ටැබය විවෘත කරන්න
+Name[sk]=Otvoriť novú kartu
+Name[sl]=Odpri nov zavihek
+Name[son]=Nor loku taaga feeri
+Name[sq]=Hap skedë të re
+Name[sr]=Отвори нови језичак
+Name[sv_SE]=Öppna ny flik
+Name[ta]=புதிய கீற்றைத் திற
+Name[te]=కొత్త టాబ్ తెరువుము
+Name[tr]=Yeni sekme aç
+Name[uk]=Відкрити нову вкладку
+Name[uz]=Yangi ichki oyna ochish
+Name[vi]=Mở thẻ mới
+Name[xh]=Vula ithebhu entsha
+Exec=firefox-beta -new-tab about:newtab
+[Desktop Action NewWindow]
+Name=Open new window
+Name[ach]=Yab dirica manyen
+Name[af]=Open nuwe venster
+Name[an]=Ubrir una nueva finestra
+Name[ar]=افتح نافذة جديدة
+Name[as]=নতুন উইন্ডো খোলক
+Name[ast]=Abrir ventana nueva
+Name[az]=Yeni pəncərə aç
+Name[be]=Адкрыць новае акно
+Name[bg]=Отваряне на нов прозорец
+Name[bn_BD]=নতুন উইন্ডো খুলুন
+Name[bn_IN]=নতুন উইন্ডো খুলুন
+Name[br]=Digeriñ ur prenestr nevez
+Name[bs]=Otvori novi prozor
+Name[ca]=Obre una finestra nova
+Name[cs]=Otevřít nové okno
+Name[cy]=Agor ffenestr newydd
+Name[da]=Åbn nyt vindue
+Name[de]=Neues Fenster öffnen
+Name[dsb]=Nowe wokno wócyniś
+Name[el]=Άνοιγμα νέου παραθύρου
+Name[eo]=Malfermi novan fenestron
+Name[es_AR]=Abrir nueva ventana
+Name[es_CL]=Abrir nueva ventana
+Name[es_ES]=Abrir nueva ventana
+Name[es_MX]=Abrir nueva ventana
+Name[et]=Ava uus aken
+Name[eu]=Ireki leiho berria
+Name[ff]=Uddit henorde hesere
+Name[fi]=Avaa uusi ikkuna
+Name[fr]=Ouvrir une nouvelle fenêtre
+Name[fy_NL]=Iepenje nij finster
+Name[ga_IE]=Oscail fuinneog nua
+Name[gd]=Fosgail uinneag ùr
+Name[gl]=Abrir unha nova xanela
+Name[gu_IN]=નવી વિન્ડોને ખોલો
+Name[he]=פתח חלון חדש
+Name[hi_IN]=नई विंडो खोलें
+Name[hr]=Otvori novi prozor
+Name[hsb]=Nowe wokno wočinić
+Name[hu]=Új ablak megnyitása
+Name[hy_AM]=Բացել նոր պատուհան
+Name[id]=Buka jendela baru
+Name[is]=Opna nýjan glugga
+Name[it]=Apri nuova finestra
+Name[kk]=Жаңа терезені ашу
+Name[kn]=ಹೊಸ ವಿಂಡೊವನ್ನು ತೆರೆ
+Name[ko]=새 창 열기
+Name[lij]=Àrvi nêuvo barcón
+Name[lt]=Atverti naują langą
+Name[mai]=नई विंडो खोलू
+Name[mk]=Отвори нов прозорец
+Name[ml]=പുതിയ ജാലകം തുറക്കുക
+Name[mr]=नवीन पटल उघडा
+Name[ms]=Buka tetingkap baru
+Name[nb_NO]=Åpne nytt vindu
+Name[nl]=Een nieuw venster openen
+Name[nn_NO]=Opna nytt vindauge
+Name[or]=ନୂତନ ୱିଣ୍ଡୋ ଖୋଲନ୍ତୁ
+Name[pa_IN]=ਨਵੀਂ ਵਿੰਡੋ ਖੋਲ੍ਹੋ
+Name[pl]=Otwórz nowe okno
+Name[pt_BR]=Nova janela
+Name[pt_PT]=Abrir nova janela
+Name[rm]=Avrir ina nova fanestra
+Name[ro]=Deschide o nouă fereastră
+Name[ru]=Открыть новое окно
+Name[si]=නව කවුළුවක් විවෘත කරන්න
+Name[sk]=Otvoriť nové okno
+Name[sl]=Odpri novo okno
+Name[son]=Zanfun taaga feeri
+Name[sq]=Hap dritare të re
+Name[sr]=Отвори нови прозор
+Name[sv_SE]=Öppna nytt fönster
+Name[ta]=புதிய சாளரத்தை திற
+Name[te]=కొత్త విండో తెరువుము
+Name[tr]=Yeni pencere aç
+Name[uk]=Відкрити нове вікно
+Name[uz]=Yangi oyna ochish
+Name[vi]=Mở cửa sổ mới
+Name[xh]=Vula iwindow entsha
+Exec=firefox-beta -new-window
+[Desktop Action NewPrivateWindow]
+Name=New private window
+Name[ach]=Dirica manyen me mung
+Name[af]=Nuwe privaatvenster
+Name[an]=Nueva finestra de navegación privada
+Name[ar]=نافذة خاصة جديدة
+Name[as]=নতুন ব্যক্তিগত উইন্ডো
+Name[ast]=Ventana privada nueva
+Name[az]=Yeni məxfi pəncərə
+Name[be]=Новае акно адасаблення
+Name[bg]=Нов прозорец за поверително сърфиране
+Name[bn_BD]=নতুন ব্যক্তিগত উইন্ডো
+Name[bn_IN]=নতুন ব্যাক্তিগত উইন্ডো
+Name[br]=Prenestr merdeiñ prevez nevez
+Name[bs]=Novi privatni prozor
+Name[ca]=Finestra privada nova
+Name[cs]=Nové anonymní okno
+Name[cy]=Ffenestr breifat newydd
+Name[da]=Nyt privat vindue
+Name[de]=Neues privates Fenster öffnen
+Name[dsb]=Nowe priwatne wokno
+Name[el]=Νέο παράθυρο ιδιωτικής περιήγησης
+Name[eo]=Nova privata fenestro
+Name[es_AR]=Nueva ventana privada
+Name[es_CL]=Nueva ventana privada
+Name[es_ES]=Nueva ventana privada
+Name[es_MX]=Nueva ventana privada
+Name[et]=Uus privaatne aken
+Name[eu]=Leiho pribatu berria
+Name[ff]=Henorde suturo hesere
+Name[fi]=Uusi yksityinen ikkuna
+Name[fr]=Nouvelle fenêtre de navigation privée
+Name[fy_NL]=Nij priveefinster
+Name[ga_IE]=Fuinneog nua phríobháideach
+Name[gd]=Uinneag phrìobhaideach ùr
+Name[gl]=Nova xanela privada
+Name[gu_IN]=નવી ખાનગી વિન્ડો
+Name[he]=חלון פרטי חדש
+Name[hi_IN]=नया निजी विंडो
+Name[hr]=Novi privatni prozor
+Name[hsb]=Nowe priwatne wokno
+Name[hu]=Új privát ablak
+Name[hy_AM]=Գաղտնի դիտարկում
+Name[id]=Jendela mode pribadi baru
+Name[is]=Nýr einkagluggi
+Name[it]=Nuova finestra anonima
+Name[kk]=Жаңа жекелік терезе
+Name[kn]=ಹೊಸ ಖಾಸಗಿ ಕಿಟಕಿ
+Name[ko]=새 사생활 보호 창
+Name[lij]=Nêuvo barcón privòu
+Name[lt]=Atverti privačiojo naršymo langą
+Name[mai]=नव निज विंडो
+Name[mk]=Нов прозорец за приватно сурфање
+Name[ml]=പുതിയ സ്വകാര്യ ജാലകം
+Name[mr]=नवीन वैयक्तिक पटल
+Name[ms]=Tetingkap peribadi baharu
+Name[nb_NO]=Nytt privat vindu
+Name[nl]=Nieuw privévenster
+Name[nn_NO]=Nytt privat vindauge
+Name[or]=ନୂତନ ବ୍ୟକ୍ତିଗତ ୱିଣ୍ଡୋ
+Name[pa_IN]=ਨਵੀਂ ਪ੍ਰਾਈਵੇਟ ਵਿੰਡੋ
+Name[pl]=Nowe okno w trybie prywatnym
+Name[pt_BR]=Nova janela privativa
+Name[pt_PT]=Nova janela privada
+Name[rm]=Nova fanestra privata
+Name[ro]=Fereastră fără urme nouă
+Name[ru]=Новое приватное окно
+Name[si]=නව පුද්ගලික කවුළුව
+Name[sk]=Nové okno v režime Súkromné prehliadanie
+Name[sl]=Novo zasebno okno
+Name[son]=Sutura zanfun taaga
+Name[sq]=Dritare e re private
+Name[sr]=Нови приватни прозор
+Name[sv_SE]=Nytt privat fönster
+Name[ta]=புதிய தனிப்பட்ட சாளரம்
+Name[te]=కొత్త ఆంతరంగిక విండో
+Name[tr]=Yeni gizli pencere
+Name[uk]=Нове приватне вікно
+Name[uz]=Yangi shaxsiy oyna
+Name[vi]=Cửa sổ riêng tư mới
+Name[xh]=Ifestile yangasese entsha
+Exec=firefox-beta -private-window
diff --git a/firefox-beta.install b/firefox-beta.install
new file mode 100644
index 00000000000..1a1f4b16b5d
--- /dev/null
+++ b/firefox-beta.install
@@ -0,0 +1,13 @@
+post_install() {
+ update-desktop-database -q
+ gtk-update-icon-cache -q -t -f usr/share/icons/hicolor
+post_upgrade() {
+ post_install
+post_remove() {
+ post_install
diff --git a/firefox-fixed-loading-icon.png b/firefox-fixed-loading-icon.png
new file mode 100644
index 00000000000..55f25e591ff
--- /dev/null
+++ b/firefox-fixed-loading-icon.png
Binary files differ
diff --git a/firefox-install-dir.patch b/firefox-install-dir.patch
new file mode 100644
index 00000000000..51fe4ba0a85
--- /dev/null
+++ b/firefox-install-dir.patch
@@ -0,0 +1,12 @@
+diff -up firefox-29.0/mozilla-release/config/ firefox-29.0/mozilla-release/config/
+--- mozilla-release/config/ 2014-04-22 15:38:52.948165295 +0200
++++ mozilla-release/config/ 2014-04-22 15:42:20.387481673 +0200
+@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@
+ # whether a normal build is happening or whether the check is running.
+ includedir := $(includedir)/$(MOZ_APP_NAME)-$(MOZ_APP_VERSION)
+ idldir = $(datadir)/idl/$(MOZ_APP_NAME)-$(MOZ_APP_VERSION)
+-installdir = $(libdir)/$(MOZ_APP_NAME)-$(MOZ_APP_VERSION)
++installdir = $(libdir)/$(MOZ_APP_NAME)
+ sdkdir = $(libdir)/$(MOZ_APP_NAME)-devel-$(MOZ_APP_VERSION)
+ ifndef TOP_DIST
+ TOP_DIST = dist
diff --git a/mozconfig b/mozconfig
new file mode 100644
index 00000000000..74455f23180
--- /dev/null
+++ b/mozconfig
@@ -0,0 +1,36 @@
+. $topsrcdir/browser/config/mozconfig
+ac_add_options --prefix=/usr
+ac_add_options --libdir=/opt/
+ac_add_options --enable-pie
+ac_add_options --enable-official-branding
+# System libraries
+ac_add_options --with-system-nspr
+ac_add_options --with-system-nss
+ac_add_options --with-system-jpeg
+ac_add_options --with-system-zlib
+ac_add_options --with-system-bz2
+ac_add_options --with-system-png
+ac_add_options --with-system-libevent
+ac_add_options --with-system-libvpx
+ac_add_options --with-system-icu
+ac_add_options --enable-system-hunspell
+ac_add_options --enable-system-sqlite
+ac_add_options --enable-system-ffi
+#ac_add_options --enable-system-cairo
+ac_add_options --enable-system-pixman
+# Features
+ac_add_options --enable-startup-notification
+ac_add_options --enable-pulseaudio
+ac_add_options --enable-gstreamer=1.0
+ac_add_options --enable-crashreporter
+ac_add_options --disable-telemetry-reporting
+ac_add_options --disable-updater
+ac_add_options --disable-installer
+ac_add_options --disable-debug-symbols
+# vim:set ft=sh:
diff --git a/vendor.js b/vendor.js
new file mode 100644
index 00000000000..d8d606bc15d
--- /dev/null
+++ b/vendor.js
@@ -0,0 +1,9 @@
+// Use LANG environment variable to choose locale
+pref("intl.locale.matchOS", true);
+// Disable default browser checking.
+pref("", false);
+// Don't disable our bundled extensions in the application directory
+pref("extensions.autoDisableScopes", 11);
+pref("extensions.shownSelectionUI", true);