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+*** For general usage instructions for burp backup refer to the link below:
+*** To setup a burp server edit the "/etc/burp/burp-server.conf" file as desired and then
+execute the following commands:
+# systemctl start burp-server.service
+# systemctl enable burp-server.service
+*** To create your first client configuration on the server.
+Copy the "testclient" example from /etc/burp/clientconfdir/incexc to
+/etc/burp/clientconfdir and edit it accordingly.
+*** To setup a linux client computer to run regular backups, edit "/etc/burp/burp.conf" and
+then execute the commands below.
+# systemctl start burp-client.timer
+# systemctl enable burp-client.timer
+The default timer configuration works pretty well, however if you want to manually edit the timer
+file it is located at "/usr/lib/systemd/system/burp-client.timer"
+The timer file calls "burp-client.service", so you can also edit that file in the same
+folder location as well. Note that you do not need to start or enable the service file
+as the timer calls it directly.
+*** Alternately to setup a cron service on the client to run regular backups ensure that a
+cron utility is installed (See the link below). Cron is not installed in ArchLinux
+by default.
+Then copy the burp cron template to the appropriate location such as in the example below.
+# cp /usr/share/burp/burp.cron.d /etc/cron.d/burp