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Overhaul in line with Arch packaging guidelines
* NEVER ADD or REMOVE files in *_install() hooks! * Use system Electron. This is an early adaptation of this and could use a lot of optimization. It currently builds stuff it doesn't use, bundles quite a few things that could be stripped out, and generally makes a nuisance of itself, but at least it uses the system default electron. Besides being 2 major versions plus lots of patches ahead and staying secure as Arch Linux updates the system, it also shaves 50+ MB off the package size and 166+ MB off the installed size. * Add missing libsecret dependency. * Use current upstream URL. * Remove makedeps that are part of base-devel. * Don't duplicate a mess of provides/conflicts, the -bin and -git packages take tare of this the other direction and pacman maps it even between each other. * Drop obsolete mime/desktop updates, these are handled by hooks. * Use system yarn for build rather than dynamically fetching it at build time. * Python 2 is not a dependency, node-gyp is which now uses Python 3. Depend directly on the thing we need to build. * Don't provide() a duplicate of the package name. * Don't let build stuff happen in prepare(). * Install LICENSE and documentation files.
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