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Update to 1.9.2
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# Maintainer: Daniel Eklöf <daniel at ekloef dot se>
-PGO=auto # auto|none|partial|full-current-session|full-headless-sway|full-headless-cage
+# Select PGO (Performance Guided Optimizations) build type.
+# - auto: choose best available option
+# - none: disable PGO
+# - full-current-session: run a “full” PGO build in an existing
+# Wayland session. This will pop up a foot window running a script
+# that generates random terminal output.
+# - full-headless-sway: run a “full” PGO build inside a headless Sway
+# instance. Requires Sway >= 1.7.
+# - full-headless-cage: run a “full” PGO build inside a headless Cage
+# instance. Requires cage to be installed. Will generate lots of
+# Cage warnings, but seems to produce a fully working (and well
+# optimized) foot build.
+# - partial: run a “partial” PGO build. This requires neither a
+# running Wayland session, nor an installed Wayland compositor, but
+# the resulting binary is slower compared to “full” PGO builds
+# (though still faster than regular release builds).
+# Note that “full-*” (which “auto” will prefer) requires an UTF-8
+# locale. Either make sure LC_CTYPE is set to an UTF-8 locale, or do a
+# “partial” PGO build (or disable PGO altoghether).
pkgdesc="Wayland terminal emulator - fast, lightweight and minimalistic"
-pkgver=1.9.1 # Don’t forget to update
+pkgver=1.9.2 # Don’t forget to update
arch=('x86_64' 'aarch64')
@@ -17,7 +44,7 @@ optdepends=('libnotify: desktop notifications'
'xdg-utils: URI launching'
'bash-completion: bash completions for foot itself')
build() {
cd foot