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+ — "Do you wanna come with me? 'Cause if you do, then I should warn you,
+you're gonna see all sorts of things. Ghosts from the past. Aliens from the
+future. The day the Earth died in a ball of flame. It won't be quiet, it won't
+be safe, and it won't be calm. But I'll tell you what it will be: the trip of a
+ — The Ninth Doctor, 2005 trailers
+ — "Run."
+ — The Ninth Doctor's first word to Rose Tyler, "Rose"
+ — Rose Tyler: Is it always this dangerous?
+ — Ninth Doctor: [eyes light up] Yeah!
+ — "Rose"
+ — "I can feel it. The turn of the Earth. The ground beneath our feet is
+spinning at 1,000 miles an hour, and the entire planet is hurtling around the
+Sun at 67,000 miles an hour and I can feel it. We're falling through space, you
+and me, clinging to the skin of this tiny little world, and if we let go...
+That's who I am."
+ — The Ninth Doctor, "Rose"
+ — "The assembled hordes of Genghis Khan couldn't get through those doors.
+And believe me, they've tried."
+ — The Ninth Doctor on the sturdiness of the TARDIS, "Rose"
+ — "Everything has its time and everything dies."
+ — The Ninth Doctor, "The End of the World"
+ — Ninth Doctor: [on the Gelth] Did it say anything? Can it speak? I'm the
+Doctor, by the way.
+ — Charles Dickens: Doctor? You look more like a navvy.
+ — Ninth Doctor: What's wrong with this jumper? note jumper means sweatshirt
+in British English
+ — "The Unquiet Dead"
+ — Dalek: I am waiting for orders.
+ — Ninth Doctor: What does that mean?
+ — Dalek: I am a soldier. I was bred to receive orders.
+ — Ninth Doctor: Well, you're never gonna get any. Not ever.
+ — Dalek: I demand orders!
+ — Ninth Doctor: They're never gonna come! Your race is dead! You all burned,
+all of you! Ten million ships on fire: the entire Dalek race wiped out in one
+ — Dalek: You lie!
+ — Ninth Doctor: I watched it happen! I made it happen!
+ — Dalek: You destroyed us?
+ — Ninth Doctor: ...I had no choice.
+ — Dalek: And what of the Time Lords?
+ — Ninth Doctor: Dead. They burned with you. The end of the Last Great Time
+War... everyone lost.
+ — "Dalek"
+ — Ninth Doctor: Don't you see it's all gone? Everything you were, everything
+you stood for.
+ — Dalek: ...Then what should I do?
+ — Ninth Doctor: Alright then. If you want orders, follow this one. Kill
+ — Dalek: The Daleks must survive!
+ — Ninth Doctor: The Daleks have failed! Why don't you finish the job, and
+make the Daleks extinct? Rid the universe of your filth! Why don't you just
+ — Dalek: ...You would make a good Dalek.
+[the Doctor looks horrified]
+ — "Dalek"
+ — "The thing is, Adam, time travel is like visiting Paris. You can't just
+read the guidebook, you've gotta throw yourself in. Eat the food, use the wrong
+verbs, get charged double and end up kissing complete strangers — or is that
+just me?"
+ — The Ninth Doctor, "The Long Game"
+ — "Who said you're not important? I've travelled to all sorts of places,
+done things you couldn't even imagine. But you two? Street corner, two in the
+morning, getting a taxi home. I've never had a life like that."
+ — The Ninth Doctor to a married couple, "Father's Day"
+ — Ninth Doctor: Sonic blaster, 51st Century... weapon factories at
+ — Captain Jack Harkness: Yeah. You've been to the factories?
+ — Ninth Doctor: Once.
+ — Captain Jack: They're gone now, destroyed. Main reactor went critical,
+vaporised the lot.
+ — Ninth Doctor: Like I said, once. There's a banana grove there now. I like
+bananas. Bananas are good.
+ — "The Doctor Dances"
+ — Ninth Doctor: Dr. Constantine, never left his patients. Back on your feet,
+constant doctor. The world doesn't want to get by without you just yet, and I
+don't blame it one bit. These are your patients, all better now.
+ — Dr. Constantine: Yes, yes, so it seems. They also seem to be standing
+around in a disused railway station. Is there any particular reason for that?
+ — Ninth Doctor: Yeah well, y'know... cutbacks.
+ — "The Doctor Dances"
+ — Ninth Doctor: History says there was an explosion, who am I to argue with
+ — Rose: Usually the first in line.
+ — "The Doctor Dances"
+ — "Everybody Lives, Rose! Just this once, everybody lives!"
+ — The Ninth Doctor, "The Doctor Dances"
+ — Dalek: Alert! Alert! We are detected!
+ — Dalek: It is the Doctor! He has located us! Open communications channel!
+ — Dalek: The female will stand! Stand!
+[the communications channel opens]
+ — Dalek: I will talk to the Doctor!
+ — Ninth Doctor: Oh, will you? That's nice. Hello!
+ — Dalek: The Dalek stratagem nears completion. The fleet is almost ready.
+You will not intervene.
+ — Ninth Doctor: Oh, really? Why's that then?
+ — Dalek: We have your associate! You will obey or she will be exterminated!
+ — Ninth Doctor: ... No.
+[everyone present, Daleks included, turn and stare at the Doctor]
+ — Dalek: Explain yourself!
+ — Ninth Doctor: I said no.
+ — Dalek: What is the meaning of this negative!?
+ — Ninth Doctor: It means "No".
+ — Dalek: But. She. Will. Be. Destroyed!
+ — Ninth Doctor: NO! 'Cause this is what I'm gonna do, I'm gonna rescue her!
+I'm gonna save Rose Tyler from the middle of the Dalek fleet! Then I'm gonna
+save the Earth! Then, just to finish off, I'm gonna wipe every last stinking
+Dalek out of the sky!
+ — Dalek: But you have no weapons! No defences! No plan!
+ — Ninth Doctor: Yeah. And doesn't that scare you to death? ...Rose?
+ — Rose: Yes, Doctor?
+ — Ninth Doctor: I'm coming to get you.
+ — "Bad Wolf"
+ — "You know what they call me in the ancient legends of the Dalek homeworld?
+The Oncoming Storm. You might have removed all your emotions, but I reckon
+right down deep in your DNA there's one little spark left. And that's fear.
+Doesn't it just burn when you face me?"
+ — The Ninth Doctor, "The Parting of the Ways"
+ — Dalek Emperor: I am immortal.
+ — Ninth Doctor: Do you wanna put that to the test?
+ — Dalek Emperor: I want to see you become like me. HAIL THE DOCTOR, THE
+ — Ninth Doctor: [grabs Delta Wave switch] I'LL DO IT!
+ — Dalek Emperor: Then prove yourself, Doctor. What are you, coward, or
+ — Ninth Doctor: [he hesitates, then lets go of the switch] Coward. Any day.
+ — "The Parting of the Ways"
+ — Ninth Doctor: Rose Tyler, I was going to take you to so many places.
+Barcelona! Not the city Barcelona, the planet Barcelona. You'd love it,
+fantastic place. They've got dogs with no noses! [laughs] Imagine how many
+times a day you end up telling that joke and it's still funny!
+ — Rose: Then, why can't we go?
+ — Ninth Doctor: Maybe you will. Maybe I will. But not like this.
+ — Rose: You're not making sense.
+ — Ninth Doctor: I might never make sense again! I might have two heads, or
+no head. Imagine me with no head, ha! And don't say that's an improvement...
+But it's a bit dodgy, this process. You never know what you're going to end up
+with. [spasms in plain as he clutches his stomach]
+ — Rose: Doctor!
+ — Ninth Doctor: Stay away!
+ — Rose: Doctor, tell me what's going on–
+ — Ninth Doctor: I absorbed all the energy of the Time Vortex, and no one's
+meant to do that... Every cell in my body's dying.
+ — Rose: Isn't there something you can do?
+ — Ninth Doctor: Yeah. Doing it now. See, Time Lords have this little trick,
+it's sort of a way of cheating death. Except... it means I'm going to change.
+And you're not going to see me again. Not like this. Not with this daft old
+face. And before I go–
+ — Rose: Don't say that!
+ — Ninth Doctor: Rose... before I go, I just want to tell you: you were
+fantastic. [smiles reassuringly] Absolutely fantastic. And do you know what?
+[grins widely] So was I!
+[the Ninth Doctor regenerates]
+ — Tenth Doctor: Hello! Okay ...New teeth. That's weird. So where was I? Oh,
+that's right — Barcelona!
+ — The regeneration of the Ninth Doctor begins, "The Parting of the
+ — "Allons-y!"
+ — The Tenth Doctor; numerous times
+ — "No second chances. I'm that sort of a man."
+ — The Tenth Doctor, after sending the Sycorax leader to his doom
+using a satsuma, "The Christmas Invasion"
+ — "By the ancient rites of combat, I forbid you to scavenge here for the
+rest of time. And when you go back to the stars and tell others of this planet,
+when you tell them of its riches, its people, its potential, when you talk of
+the Earth, then make sure that you tell them this... it is defended!"
+ — The Tenth Doctor to the Sycorax, "The Christmas Invasion"
+ — "I'm sorry, I am so, so, sorry."
+ — The Tenth Doctor, every other Series 2 episode
+ — Tenth Doctor: If I don't like it [the Krilitanes' plan], then it will
+ — Mr. Finch/Brother Lassar: Fascinating. Your people were peaceful to the
+point of indolence. You seem to be something new. Would you declare war on us,
+ — Tenth Doctor: I'm so old now. I used to have so much mercy. You get one
+warning. That was it.
+ — "School Reunion"
+ — Sarah Jane Smith: Goodbye, Doctor.
+ — Tenth Doctor: Oh, it's not goodbye...
+ — Sarah Jane Smith: No, say it. This time, say it.
+ — Tenth Doctor: Goodbye... my Sarah Jane!! [picks her up off the ground and
+hugs the living daylights out of her]
+ — Sarah Jane rights a wrong three decades old, "School Reunion"
+ — Tenth Doctor: Must be a spatio-temporal hyperlink.
+ — Mickey Smith: What's that?
+ — Tenth Doctor: No idea, just made it up. Didn't want to say "magic door".
+ — The Tenth Doctor channelling the Cat from Red Dwarf, "The Girl in
+the Fireplace"
+ — Tenth Doctor: Even monsters under the bed have nightmares.
+ — Young Reinette: What do monsters have nightmares about?
+ — Tenth Doctor: ME!
+ — "The Girl in the Fireplace"
+ — Tenth Doctor: Madame de Pompadour! You look younger every day.
+ — King Louis: What the hell is going on?
+ — Madame de Pompadour: Oh. This is my lover, the King of France.
+ — Tenth Doctor: Yeah? Well, I'm the Lord of Time.
+ — "The Girl in the Fireplace"
+ — John Lumic/Cyber-Controller: Tell me, Doctor, have you felt pain, and
+rage, and anguish?
+ — Tenth Doctor: Oh, yes.
+ — Cyber-Controller: What if I could set you free? Wouldn't you want that, a
+life without pain?
+ — Tenth Doctor: I'd rather die.
+ — Cyber-Controller: Then I take that option!
+ — Tenth Doctor: But it's not yours to take!
+ — "The Age of Steel"
+ — Eddie Connolly: I. Am. TALKING!
+ — Tenth Doctor: And I'm not LISTENING! Now, you, Mr. Connolly, you are
+staring into a deep, dark pit of trouble if you don't let me help. So I'm
+ordering you, sir, tell me what's going on!
+ — "The Idiot's Lantern"
+ — Tenth Doctor: Men in black? Vanishing police cars? This is Churchill's
+England, not Stalin's Russia!
+ — Rose: Monsters, that boy said... Maybe we should go and ask the
+ — Tenth Doctor: That's what I like about you: the domestic approach.
+ — Rose: Thank you.... hold on, was that an insult?
+ — "The Idiot's Lantern"
+ — "But I've seen a lot of this universe. I've seen fake gods, bad gods,
+demigods, would-be gods, and out of all that, out of that whole pantheon, if I
+believe in one thing, just one thing, I believe in her!"
+ — The Tenth Doctor, on Rose Tyler, "The Satan Pit"
+ — Ida Scott: Hang on though, Doctor. You never really said... you two, who
+are you?
+ — Tenth Doctor: Oh... [glancing at Rose] the stuff of legend.
+ — "The Satan Pit"
+ — Rose: Doctor, they've got guns.
+ — Tenth Doctor: And I haven't. Which makes me the better person, don't you
+think? They can shoot me dead, but the moral high ground is mine.
+ — "Army of Ghosts"
+ — Martha: You're completely mad!
+ — Tenth Doctor: You're right, I look daft in one shoe...
+ — "Smith and Jones"
+ — "Crossing into established events is strictly forbidden... except for
+cheap tricks."
+ — The Tenth Doctor, "Smith and Jones"
+ — Martha: Blimey, do you have to take a test to fly this thing?
+ — Tenth Doctor: Yes, and I failed.
+ — Martha Jones on the TARDIS, "The Shakespeare Code"
+ — Tenth Doctor: Good mistress, this poor fellow has died from a sudden
+imbalance of the humours. A natural, if unfortunate demise. Call a constable,
+have him taken away.
+ — Dolly: Yes, sir.
+ — Lilith: I'll do it ma'am.
+ — Martha: And why are you telling them that?
+ — Tenth Doctor: They've still got one foot in the dark ages. If I tell them
+the truth, they'll panic and think it was witchcraft.
+ — Martha: OK, what was it then?
+ — Tenth Doctor: Witchcraft.
+ — "The Shakespeare Code"
+ — Tenth Doctor: Ohh, how to explain the mechanics of the infinite temporal
+flux? I know, Back to the Future. It's like Back to the Future.
+ — Martha: The film?
+ — Tenth Doctor: No, the novelisation. Yes, the film!
+ — "The Shakespeare Code"
+ — Queen Elizabeth I: The Doctor!
+ — Tenth Doctor: What?
+ — Queen Elizabeth I: My sworn enemy!
+ — Tenth Doctor: What?!
+ — Queen Elizabeth I: Off with his head!
+ — Tenth Doctor: WHAT?!!
+ — Martha: Never mind what, just run!
+ — Queen Elizabeth I: Stop him!
+ — Martha: See you, Will. And thanks!
+ — Queen Elizabeth I: Stop that pernicious Doctor!
+ — Guard: Stop, in the name of the queen!
+ — Martha: What have you done to upset her?
+ — Tenth Doctor: How should I know, I haven't met her yet! That's time travel
+for you. Still, can't wait to find out, that's something to look forward to...
+ — "The Shakespeare Code"
+ — Tenth Doctor: People don't understand time.
+ — Sally Sparrow: Then tell me.
+ — Tenth Doctor: It's complicated.
+ — Sally Sparrow: How complicated?
+ — Tenth Doctor: Very complicated.
+ — Sally Sparrow: I'm clever, and people have died.
+ — Tenth Doctor: People assume that time is a strict progression of cause to
+effect, but actually, from a non-linear, non-subjective view, it's more like a
+big ball of... wibbley-wobbley... timey-wimey... stuff.
+ — Sally Sparrow: Started well, that sentence.
+ — Tenth Doctor: It... got away from me, yeah.
+ — "Blink"
+"And that's it, I'm afraid. There's no more from you on the transcript, that's
+the last I've got. I don't know what stopped you talking but I can guess.
+They're coming. The Angels are coming for you, but listen: your life could
+depend on this. Don't blink. Don't even blink. Blink and you're dead. They are
+fast, faster than you could believe. Don't turn your back, don't look away, and
+don't blink. Good luck."
+ — The Tenth Doctor, "Blink"
+ — The Master: Doctor.
+ — Tenth Doctor: Master.
+ — The Master: I like it when you use my name.
+ — Tenth Doctor: You chose it. Psychiatrist's field day.
+ — The Master: As you chose yours. The man who makes people better. How
+sanctimonious is that?
+ — "The Sound of Drums"
+ — "Look at you! The hat, the coat, the crickety-cricket stuff, the...
+[unenthusiastically] stick of celery, yeah... brave choice, celery, but fair
+play to you, not a lot of men can carry off a decorative vegetable."
+ — The Tenth Doctor to the Fifth Doctor, "Time Crash"
+"Hey, I'm the Doctor! I can save the universe with a kettle and some string!
+And look at me, I'm wearing a vegetable."
+ — The Tenth Doctor mimicking the Fifth Doctor, "Time Crash"
+"I'm the Doctor. I'm a Time Lord. I'm from the planet Gallifrey in the
+constellation of Kasterborous. I'm 903 years old, and I'm the man who's gonna
+save your lives and all six billion people on the planet below. You got a
+problem with that?"
+ — The Tenth Doctor, "Voyage of the Damned"
+"Astrid Peth, citizen of Sto, the woman who looked at the stars and dreamt of
+travelling... there is an old tradition... Now you can travel forever... You're
+not falling, Astrid; you're flying."
+ — The Tenth Doctor scattering Astrid's atoms across the universe,
+"Voyage of the Damned"
+"Health and safety... film department."
+ — The Tenth Doctor, spying through a projection room, "Partners in
+ — Tenth Doctor: Hold on, hold on, hold on, one more thing, before... dying.
+Do you know what happens if you hold two identical sonic devices against each
+ — Miss Foster: ...No.
+ — Tenth Doctor: Nor me. Let's find out!
+ — "Partners in Crime"
+ — "You need to get yourself a better dictionary. When you do, look up
+genocide. You'll see a little picture of me there, and the caption'll read
+ — The Tenth Doctor, doing his job, "The Doctor's Daughter"
+ — "I never would. Have you got that? I. Never. Would. When you start this
+new world; this world of Human and Hath, remember that. Make the foundation of
+this society a man who never would."
+ — The Tenth Doctor on taking revenge for the death of his daughter,
+"The Doctor's Daughter"
+ — [The Doctor is poisoned, and makes muffled noises while making a shaking
+ — Donna Noble: I can't understand you! How many words?
+[The Doctor holds up one finger]
+ — Donna: One! One word! Shake, milk-shake, milk! Milk! No? Not milk! Um,
+shake, shake, shake! Cocktail shake! What, d'you want a Harvey Wallbanger?
+ — Tenth Doctor: Harvey Wallbanger?!
+ — Donna: Well, I don't know!
+ — Tenth Doctor: How is Harvey Wallbanger one word?!
+ — Agatha Christie: What do you need, Doctor?
+ — Tenth Doctor: Salt! I was miming salt! I need salt! I need something
+ — Donna: [Donna grabs a bag from the counter] What about this?
+ — Tenth Doctor: What is it?
+ — Donna: Salt!
+ — Tenth Doctor: That's too salty!
+ — Donna: Oh, that's too salty!
+ — "The Unicorn and the Wasp"
+ — Donna Noble: Use your thingy!
+ — Tenth Doctor: I can't! It's wood!
+ — Donna: What, it doesn't do wood?!
+ — The Tenth Doctor and Donna Noble arguing over the sonic
+screwdriver, "Silence in the Library"
+ — Tenth Doctor: You're not archaeologists, are you? Tell me you're not
+ — River Song: Do you have a problem with archaeologists?
+ — Tenth Doctor: I'm a time traveller. I point and laugh at archaeologists.
+ — River Song: Ahh. [grins and holds out her hand] Professor River Song,
+ — "Silence in the Library"
+ — Vashta Nerada: These are our forests. They are our meat.
+[the shadows grow]
+ — Tenth Doctor: Don't play games with me. You just killed someone I liked,
+that is not a safe place to stand. I'm the Doctor and you're in the biggest
+library in the Universe. Look me up.
+[the shadows recoil]
+ — "Forest of the Dead"
+ — Donna Noble: You alright?
+ — Tenth Doctor: I'm always alright.
+ — Donna Noble: Is "alright" special Time Lord code for "really not alright
+at all"?
+ — Tenth Doctor: Why?
+ — Donna Noble: 'Cause I'm alright too.
+ — "Forest of the Dead"
+ — Shadow Architect: By the articles of the Shadow Proclamation, I must seize
+your vehicle and technology!
+ — Tenth Doctor: What? Why?
+ — Shadow Architect: Planets have ben stolen with hostile intent. We are
+declaring war, Doctor, right across the universe, and you will lead us into
+ — Tenth Doctor: ... right. I'll just... get you the key.
+[he steps back into the TARDIS, and it starts dematerialising]
+ — "The Stolen Earth"
+ — General Brudge: You don't have the courage to bear arms, Doctor.
+ — Tenth Doctor: Oh, there are lots of other things I'll bear, and bravely,
+too. I'll bear witness; I'll bear the blame! Bear ridicule, bear fruit,
+Goldilocks and the Three Bears. I can bear a burden, bear inspection; I can
+bear pain; I can grin and bear it. I may be a bearer of little brain, General,
+but what you should bear in mind that I don't care to — and don't need to —
+bear. Arms.
+ — Pest Control (New Series Adventures audiobook)
+ — Rani: I hope you're as good as Ms. Smith says you are.
+ — Tenth Doctor: Well, you know, reporters, they tend to exaggerate, but,
+yeah, I'm pretty amazing on a good day.
+ — The Sarah Jane Adventures, "The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith"
+ — Malcolm Taylor: I've wired up an integrator. I thought it could measure
+the energy signature.
+ — Tenth Doctor: No no no that'll never work...
+ — Malcolm Taylor:: It's extraordinary though... I'm measuring an oscillation
+of 15 malcolms per second!
+ — Tenth Doctor: Fifteen what?
+ — Malcolm Taylor: 15 malcolms — it's my own little term; a wavelength
+particle operating in 4 dimensions equals 1 malcolm.
+ — Tenth Doctor: You named a unit of measurement after yourself.
+ — Malcolm Taylor: Well it didn't do Mr Watt any harm. Furthermore, 50
+malcolms equals 1 bernard.
+ — Tenth Doctor: And who's that, your dad?
+ — Malcolm Taylor: Don't be silly... that's Quatermass.
+ — Tenth Doctor: Right... But– um– before I die of old age, which in my
+case would be quite an achievement so congratulations on that, is there anyone
+else I could talk to?
+ — "Planet of the Dead"
+ — Adelaide Brooke: State your name, rank and intention.
+ — Tenth Doctor: The Doctor, doctor... fun.
+ — "The Waters of Mars"
+ — "It's not like I'm an innocent. I've taken lives. And I got worse; I got
+clever. Manipulated people into taking their own. Sometimes I think a Time Lord
+lives too long."
+ — The Tenth Doctor realizes just how far he's gone, courtesy of "The
+End of Time"
+ — "I don't want to go."
+ — The Tenth Doctor, on the verge of regeneration, "The End of Time"
+ — Donna: What do you think?
+ — Tenth Doctor: I told you, we are not going to that "Planet of the Boys"!
+There is no Planet of the Boys!
+ — Donna: There's a million, trillion planets out there. Somewhere there is a
+planet of the boys. Just dancin' about in their pants. Stands to reason.
+ — Tenth Doctor: Yeah, well, I'm not sure that they worship wenches.
+ — Donna: They will when they see me in this.
+ — "Time Reaver"
+ — Donna: Do you secretly just like this place because it makes you think the
+TARDIS is the most brilliant of all the ships?
+ — Tenth Doctor: Oh, I wouldn't... pshh... heh... weeellll...
+ — Donna: HA! You do!
+ — "Time Reaver"
+ — Rose: I don't believe you sometimes.
+ — Tenth Doctor: Well, yeah, I'm used to that. Most people don't believe me
+any of the time, which is funny really. I have such an honest face. Look.
+ — Rose: You know what I'm talkin' about.
+ — Tenth Doctor: Well, how was I supposed to know you use the place for
+weddings? I mean, who wants to get married at the bottom of a gorge? Bridal
+gown, all those steps... I bet maid of honour is a prison sentence on
+Beltraxin. They must have started the procession a week ago. Unless they took
+the quick way down like we did, I suppose.
+ — Rose: Nobody bungee jumps to their wedding, Doctor. Nobody. The... [tries
+to control laughter] the priest fainted.
+ — Tenth Doctor: Did he? Ah, well, it's probably just a coincidence.
+ — Rose: No, it was definitely the screaming idiots gatecrashing the wedding
+ — Tenth Doctor: I caught the bouquet!
+ — Rose: In your teeth!
+ — Tenth Doctor: Weeell, you know me. Never one to show off.
+ — "The Sword of the Chevalier"
+ — "And still not ginger!"
+ — One of the first things the Eleventh Doctor says after
+regenerating, "The End of Time"
+ — The Eleventh Doctor, "The End of Time"
+ — "Trust me. I'm the Doctor."
+ — The Eleventh Doctor, "The Eleventh Hour"
+ — Amy Pond: I thought, like, well I started to think that maybe you were
+just a mad man with a box.
+ — Eleventh Doctor: Amy Pond, there's something you'd better understand about
+me because it's important and one day your life may depend on it. I am
+definitely a mad man with a box!
+ — "The Eleventh Hour"
+ — Amy Pond: I grew up.
+ — Eleventh Doctor: Don't worry. I'll soon fix that.
+ — "The Eleventh Hour"
+ — Amy Pond: You're worse than my aunt!
+ — Eleventh Doctor: I'm the Doctor, I'm worse than everybody's aunt! [beat]
+And that is not how I'm introducing myself.
+ — "The Eleventh Hour"
+ — Eleventh Doctor: [to Amy and Rory] Leaving is good. Never coming back is
+better. [to Atraxi] C'MOOOOONNN, then! The Doctor will see you now!
+[the Atraxi scan the Doctor]
+ — Atraxi: You are not of this world.
+ — Eleventh Doctor: No, but I've put a lot of work into it. [compares a few
+ties] I dunno. What do you think?
+ — Atraxi: Is this world important?
+ — Eleventh Doctor: Important? What's that mean, important? Six billion
+people live here. Is that important? Here's a better question. Is this world a
+threat to the Atraxi? Well c'mon, you're monitoring the whole planet. Is this
+world a threat?
+[the Atraxi scan the history of the Earth]
+ — Atraxi: No.
+ — Eleventh Doctor: Are the peoples of this world guilty of any crimes, by
+the laws of the Atraxi?
+ — Atraxi: No.
+ — Eleventh Doctor: Okay! One more, just one. Is this world protected?
+Because you're not the first lot to have come here, oh, there have been so
+many. And what you've got to ask is, [softly] what happened to them?
+[The Atraxi's scanning shows images of all of the Doctor's nemeses, followed by
+images of all ten previous incarnations of the Doctor, before the Eleventh
+Doctor steps through the hologram]
+ — Eleventh Doctor: Hello. I'm the Doctor. Basically... run.
+ — "The Eleventh Hour"
+ — "All of time and space, everything that ever happened, or ever will. Where
+do you want to start?"
+ — The Eleventh Doctor, "The Eleventh Hour"
+ — "Bowties are cool."
+ — The Eleventh Doctor, often
+ — Amy: You look human.
+ — Eleventh Doctor: No, you look Time Lord. We came first.
+ — Amy: So there are other Time Lords, yeah?
+ — Eleventh Doctor: [face adopts a pained expression] ...No, there were but
+there aren't... just me now. Long story. It was a bad day, lots of bad stuff
+happened, and you know what? I'd love to forget it all, every last bit of it,
+but I don't. Not ever. 'Cause this is what I do; every time, every day, every
+second. This! Hold tight. [big grin] We're bringing down the government.
+ — "The Beast Below"
+ — Eleventh Doctor: What does "hate" look like, Amy?
+ — Amy: Hate?
+ — Eleventh Doctor: It looks like a Dalek.
+ — "Victory of the Daleks"
+ — Eleventh Doctor: YOU! ARE! MY! ENEMY! And I am yours! You are everything I
+despise. The worst thing in all of creation. I've defeated you, time and time
+again I've defeated you. I sent you back into the void. I saved the whole of
+reality from you. I am the Doctor and you are the Daleks!
+ — Dalek: Correct!
+ — "Victory of the Daleks"
+ — Eleventh Doctor: The writing, the graffiti [on the home box]: Old High
+Gallifreyan, the lost language of the Time Lords. There were days, there were
+many days, that these words could burn stars, and raise up empires, and topple
+ — Amy: What does this say?
+ — Eleventh Doctor: ..."Hello, sweetie."
+ — "The Time of Angels"
+ — Father Octavian: There are six billion human colonists [on this planet].
+ — Eleventh Doctor: You lot, you're everywhere, you're like rabbits! [grins
+like a kid on Christmas morning] I'll never get done saving you.
+ — "The Time of Angels"
+ — Eleventh Doctor: There's one thing you never put in a trap. If you're
+smart, if you value your continued existence, if you have any plans about
+seeing tomorrow there's one thing you never ever put in a trap.
+ — Angel Bob: And what would that be, sir?
+ — Eleventh Doctor: Me.
+ — The Eleventh Doctor to an entire army of Weeping Angels, "The Time
+of Angels"
+ — Eleventh Doctor: Amy, you've got to start trusting me. It's never been
+more important.
+ — Amy: But you don't always tell me the truth.
+ — Eleventh Doctor: If I always told you the truth, I wouldn't need you to
+trust me.
+ — "Flesh and Stone" and "The Big Bang"
+ — Amy: Sorry, did I do something wrong? 'Cause I'm getting kind of mixed
+signals here.
+ — Eleventh Doctor: Mixed signals? How?
+ — Amy: Oh, come on. You turn up in the middle of the night, you get me out
+of my bed in my nightie, which you then don't let me change out of for ages,
+and take me for a spin in your time machine. No, no, you're right. No mixed
+signals there. That is just a signal. Like a great big bat signal in the sky!
+Get your coat, love! The Doctor is in.
+ — Eleventh Doctor: [wistfully] Yeah... [realizes what she's implying] No,
+no, no, no! It's... Not like that! That's not what I'm like!
+ — Amy: Then what are you like?
+ — Eleventh Doctor: I don't know; Gandalf. Like a space Gandalf. Like the
+little green one in Star Wars... [imitates lightsaber]
+ — "Meanwhile in the TARDIS 2"
+ — Amy: Then why am I here?
+ — Eleventh Doctor: Because... Because I can't see it anymore...
+ — Amy: See what?
+ — Eleventh Doctor: I'm 907. After a while you just can't see it anymore.
+ — Amy: See what?
+ — Eleventh Doctor: Everything. I look at a star and it's just a big ball of
+burning gas, and I know how it began, I know how it ends... and I was probably
+there both times. You know, after a while, everything is just stuff. That's the
+problem. You make all of space and time your backyard what do you have? A
+backyard. But you can see it. And when you see it, I see it.
+ — "Meanwhile in the TARDIS 2"
+ — Eleventh Doctor: They're just friends. Chums, pals, mates, buddies... not
+mates, forget mates.
+ — Amy: And out of all those... friends, how many would you say, just out of
+curiosity, were girls?
+ — Eleventh Doctor: Oh... some of them, I suppose. Must've been.
+ — Amy: Some?
+ — Eleventh Doctor: It's hard to tell; it's a grey area.
+ — Amy: Under half? Over half?
+ — Eleventh Doctor: Probably... slightly... little bit over?
+ — Amy: Young?
+ — Eleventh Doctor: Everyone's young compared to me.
+ — Amy: Hot?
+ — Eleventh Doctor: No, no, no, no, no. None of them, not really. Not at
+all... probably not. Maybe one or two. I don't really notice.
+ — Amy: Well, this big old machine must have some kind of visual records?
+ — Eleventh Doctor: Oh God — I mean no, and anyway, they're voice-locked.
+ — Amy: Voice-locked... so I would just have to say "show me all visual
+records of previous TARDIS inhabitants"?
+ — Eleventh Doctor: No, no, no, no, I mean voice-locked. I would have to say
+"show me all visual records of previous TARDIS inhabitants".
+ — Amy: Awww... thank you.
+ — Eleventh Doctor: No! No! No! No! No!
+ — Amy: [sees images of various companions] Haha! Ooh, Gandalf! ... Is that a
+leather bikini?
+ — Eleventh Doctor: [to the TARDIS] Thanks. Thanks, dear. Miss out the metal
+dog, why don't you?
+ — "Meanwhile in the TARDIS 2"
+ — Eleventh Doctor: I can't see a thing.
+ — Rory: Just as well [pulls a out a pocket light] I brought this, then.
+ — Eleventh Doctor: [pulls out a massive fluorescent lamp] Ultra-violet
+portable sunlight.
+ — Rory: Yours is bigger than mine.
+ — Eleventh Doctor: ...Let's not go there.
+ — "The Vampires of Venice", discussing some pre-matrimonial issues
+ — "This ends today. I will tear down the House of Calvierri stone by stone.
+[...] And you know why? You didn't know Isabella's name. You didn't know
+Isabella's name."
+ — The Eleventh Doctor, "The Vampires of Venice"
+ — "There's something that doesn't make sense. Let's go and poke it with a
+ — The Eleventh Doctor, "Amy's Choice"
+ — "The way I see it, every life is a pile of good things and bad things. The
+good things don't soften the bad things, but vice versa, the bad things don't
+necessarily spoil the good things or make them unimportant."
+ — The Eleventh Doctor, "Vincent and the Doctor"
+ — "Less of a young professional — more of an ancient amateur..."
+ — The Eleventh Doctor, "The Lodger"
+ — Craig: Has anyone ever told you you're a bit weird?
+ — Eleventh Doctor: They never really stop.
+ — "The Lodger"
+ — "People fall out of the world sometimes, but they always leave traces.
+Little things we can't quite account for. Faces in photographs, luggage,
+half-eaten meals, rings. Nothing is ever forgotten, not completely. And if
+something can be remembered, it can come back."
+ — The Eleventh Doctor tries to get Amy to remember Rory, "The
+Pandorica Opens"
+ — Rory: So why am I here?
+ — Eleventh Doctor: Because you are. The Universe is big; it's vast and
+complicated and ridiculous and sometimes, very rarely, impossible things just
+happen and we call them miracles. 900 years, never seen one yet, but this'll do
+ — "The Pandorica Opens"
+ — "Now the question of the hour is, who's got the Pandorica? Answer — I
+do. Next question, who's coming to take it from me? [beat] Come on! Look at me:
+no plan, no backup, no weapons worth a damn. Oh, and something else I don't
+have: Anything! To! Lose! So if you're sitting up there in your silly little
+spaceships, with all your silly little guns, and you've got any plans on taking
+the Pandorica tonight, just remember who's standing in your way. Remember every
+black day I ever stopped you, and then, aaand then, do the smart thing! Let
+somebody else try first."
+ — The Eleventh Doctor to an entire army of Doctor Who villains, "The
+Pandorica Opens"
+ — "It's a fez, I wear a fez now. Fezzes are cool."
+ — The Eleventh Doctor on his new hat, "The Big Bang"
+ — "When you wake up, you'll have a mum and dad, and you won't even remember
+me. Well you'll remember me a little. I'll be a story in your head. That's
+okay. We're all stories in the end. Just make it a good one, eh? 'Cause it was,
+you know. It was the best. A daft old man who stole a magic box and ran away.
+Did I ever tell you that I stole it? Well, I borrowed it; I was always gonna
+take it back. Oh, that box. Amy, you'll dream about that box. It'll never leave
+you. Big and little at the same time. Brand new and ancient, and the bluest
+blue ever. And the times we had, eh? Woulda had. Never had. In your dreams,
+they'll still be there. The Doctor and Amy Pond, and the days that never came."
+ — The Eleventh Doctor to Amelia, just before he's about to be erased
+from time, "The Big Bang"
+ — "Christmas Eve on a rooftop, saw a chimney, my whole brain went 'What the
+ — The Eleventh Doctor, after dropping down through a chimney, "A
+Christmas Carol"
+ — Eleventh Doctor: Who's she?
+ — Kazran: Nobody important.
+ — Eleventh Doctor: Nobody important. Blimey, that's amazing. D'you know, in
+900 years of time and space, I've never met anyone who wasn't important before.
+ — "A Christmas Carol"
+ — "I'm being extremely clever up here and there is no one to stand around
+looking impressed! What's the point of having you all?"
+ — The Eleventh Doctor, a mite cross with his companions' secret
+meeting, "The Impossible Astronaut"
+ — "I'm going to need a SWAT team ready to mobilise, street maps covering all
+of Florida, a pot of coffee, twelve Jammy Dodgers and a fez!"
+ — The Eleventh Doctor, having just barged into the Oval Office with
+guns pointed at him and a solution to President Nixon's mystery caller, "The
+Impossible Astronaut"
+ — Eleventh Doctor" ... Dr. Song, you've got that face on again.
+ — River Song: What face?
+ — Eleventh Doctor: The "he's hot when he's clever" face.
+ — River Song: This is my normal face.
+ — Eleventh Doctor: Yes it is.
+ — "The Impossible Astronaut"
+"You just raised an army against yourself! And now, for a thousand generations,
+you're going to be ordering them to destroy you every day. How fast can you
+run? Because today's the day the human race threw you off their planet. And
+they won't even know they're doing it. I think the word you're looking for
+right now is 'Oops'."
+ — Part of the Eleventh Doctor's requisite Kirk Summation, "Day of the
+ — Richard Nixon: I'm a president at the beginning of his time. Dare I ask?
+Will I be remembered?
+ — Eleventh Doctor: Oh Dicky. Tricky Dicky. They're never going to forget you.
+ — "Day of the Moon"
+ — House: Fear me, Doctor. I've killed hundreds of Time Lords.
+ — Eleventh Doctor: Fear me. I've killed all of them.
+ — "The Doctor's Wife"
+ — [in the Tenth Doctor's voice] "Hello! I'm the Doctor... [in his own voice]
+ — The Eleventh Doctor's ganger taking a potshot at certain segments
+of the fanbase, "The Almost People"
+ — "I've reversed the Jelly Baby of the neutron flow! I'm the– Would you
+like a... doctor?"
+ — The Eleventh Doctor's ganger duplicate getting adjusted to his
+regenerations in "The Almost People"
+ — Amy: Doctor, I'm frightened. I'm properly, properly scared.
+ — Eleventh Doctor: Don't be; hold on. We're coming for you, I swear.
+Whatever happens — however hard, however far — we will find you.
+ — Amy: I'm right here...
+ — Eleventh Doctor: No you're not; and you haven't been for a very, very long
+ — "The Almost People"
+ — "Hello everyone! Guess who? Please, point a gun at me if it helps you
+relax; you're only human."
+ — The Eleventh Doctor, having infiltrated an amassed army formed for
+the sole purpose of killing him; "A Good Man Goes to War"
+ — Eleventh Doctor: No. Colonel Manton, I want you to tell your men to "run
+ — Colonel Manton: What?
+ — Eleventh Doctor: Those words. "Run away." I want you to be famous for
+those exact words. I want people to call you Colonel Runaway. I want children
+laughing outside your door 'cause they've found the house of Colonel Runaway.
+And when people come to you and ask if trying to get to me through the people I
+LOVE! in any way a good idea, I want you to tell them your name. [Beat]
+Look, I'm angry, that's new. I'm not really sure what's going to happen now.
+ — Madame Kovarian: The anger of a good man is not a problem. Good men have
+too many rules.
+ — Eleventh Doctor: Good men don't need rules. Today is not the day to find
+out why I have so many.
+ — "A Good Man Goes to War"
+ — "Imagine you were dying. Imagine you were afraid, a long way from home, in
+terrible pain. Just when you thought it couldn't get worse... you looked up,
+and saw the face of the devil himself. [beat] Hello, Dalek."
+ — The Eleventh Doctor, "The Wedding of River Song"
+ — Solomon: Whatever you want, I can get it for you. Whatever object you
+ — The Doctor: Did the Silurians beg you to stop? Look Solomon. The missiles.
+See them shine, see how valuable they are? And they're all yours.
+ — Solomon: You wouldn't leave me, Doctor.
+ — The Doctor: Enjoy your bounty.
+ — The Eleventh Doctor and the Villain of the Week in "Dinosaurs on a
+Spaceship", just before the Doctor leaves Solomon's ship (with Solomon on it)
+to be blown to bits by missiles
+ — "Oh, you like to think you're a god — but you're not a god. You're just
+a parasite, eaten out with jealousy, and envy, and longing for the lives of
+others. You feed on them. On the memory of love and loss, and birth and death,
+and joy and sorrow. So.. So... So come on, then. Take mine. Take my memories.
+But I hope you've got a big appetite, because I've lived a long life. And...
+I've seen a few things. I walked away from the Last Great Time War. I marked
+the passing of the Time Lords. I saw the birth of the universe, and I watched
+as time ran out, moment by moment, until nothing remained. No time. No space!
+Just me! I've walked in universes where the laws of physics were devised by the
+mind of a madman! [starts crying] I've watched universes freeze and creations
+burn! I have seen things you wouldn't believe! I have lost things you will
+never understand! And I know things! Secrets that must never be told! Knowledge
+that must never be spoken! Knowledge that will make parasite gods BLAZE! SO
+ — The Eleventh Doctor, "The Rings of Akhaten"
+ — Clara: I trust the Doctor.
+ — Captain Ferrin: You think he knows what he's doing?
+ — Clara: I wouldn't go that far.
+ — "Nightmare in Silver"
+ — Clara: Look at you. The three of you. The warrior, the hero... and you.
+ — Eleven: And what am I?
+ — Clara: Have you really forgotten?
+ — Eleven: Yes. Maybe, yes.
+ — Clara: We've got enough warriors. And any idiot can be a hero.
+ — Eleven: Then what do I do?
+ — Clara: What you've always done. Be a doctor. You told me the name you
+chose was a promise. What was the promise?
+ — Ten: Never cruel or cowardly.
+ — War Doctor: Never give up. Never give in.
+ — "The Day of the Doctor"
+ — Dalek Commander: You will die now, Doctor. This is the end of you! The
+rules of regeneration are known. You have expended all your lives!
+ — Eleven: Sorry, what did you say? Did you mention the rules? Now, listen. A
+bit of advice: tell me the truth if you think you know it, lay down the law if
+you're feeling brave, but, Daleks, never ever tell – me – the rules!
+ — Dalek Commander: Emergency! Emergency! The Doctor is regenerating! The
+Doctor is regenerating!
+ — Eleven: Oh ho! Look at this! Regeneration number thirteen! We're breaking
+some serious science here, boys! And I tell you what, it's gonna be a whopper!
+Ha ha!
+ — Dalek Commander: Exterminate! Exterminate the Doctor!
+ — Eleven: Hah! You think you can stop me now, Daleks?! IF YOU WANT MY LIFE!
+ — "The Time of the Doctor"
+ — Eleven: It all just disappears doesn't it? Everything you are, like breath
+on a mirror. Any moment now... He's a coming...
+ — Clara: Who? Who's coming?
+ — Eleven: The Doctor.
+ — Clara: [tears up] You. You are the Doctor.
+ — Eleven: Yep. And I always will be. But times change, and so must I... We
+all change. When you think about it, we're all different people all through our
+lives, and that's okay, that's good, you gotta keep moving, so long as you
+remember all people that you used to be. I will not forget one line of this.
+Not one day. I swear. I will always remember when the Doctor was me.
+[a woman suddenly steps down from the balcony of the TARDIS... Amy Pond, as the
+Doctor knew her best]
+ — Amy Pond: [lovingly caresses his cheek while he does the same with her]
+Raggedy Man... Good night.
+[the Doctor no longer sees Amelia or the crayon drawings in his TARDIS; he
+removes his bowtie and lets it drop to the floor.]
+ — Clara: No, no! Please don't change.
+ — Eleven: Hey. [grins one last time and suddenly flings backward,
+ — "The Time of the Doctor"
+ — "'Doctor' no more."
+ — The War Doctor, "The Night of the Doctor"
+ — War Doctor: What I did, I did without choice...
+ — Eleventh Doctor: [softly] I know...
+ — War Doctor: the name of peace and sanity.
+ — Eleventh Doctor: But not in the name of the Doctor!
+ — "The Name of the Doctor"
+ — "Time Lords of Gallifrey, Daleks of Skaro. I hereby give notice. Too long
+have I stayed my hand. Today, I pass sentence on you all. No more. No more..."
+ —The War Doctor, preparing to use the Moment, "The Day of the Doctor"
+ — "Why is there never a big red button?"
+ — The War Doctor trying to figure out the Moment, "The Day of the
+ — "Am I having some kind of mid-life crisis?"
+ — The War Doctor upon getting an eyeful of his replacements, "The Day
+of the Doctor"
+ — "They're screwdrivers, what are you going to do, assemble a cabinet at
+ —The War Doctor, "The Day of the Doctor"
+ — "Great men are forged in fire. It is the privilege of lesser men to light
+the flame, whatever the cost."
+ — The War Doctor, "The Day of the Doctor"
+ — Eleventh Doctor: GERONIMO!
+ — Tenth Doctor: Allons-y!
+ — War Doctor: Oh, for God's sake! Gallifrey stands!
+ — "The Day of the Doctor"
+ — [begins to regenerate from old age] "Oh, yes... 'Course, suppose it makes
+sense... Wearing a bit thin. [last words] I hope the ears are a bit less
+conspicuous this time."
+ — The War Doctor, "The Day of the Doctor"
+ — Twelfth Doctor: Kidneys!! I've got new kidneys! ...I don't like the
+ — Clara: Of your kidneys?
+[the TARDIS suddenly lurches violently and begins sputtering downward]
+ — Clara: What's happening?
+ — Twelfth Doctor: We're probably crashing. Oh!
+ — Clara: Into what!?
+ — Twelfth Doctor: Stay calm! Just one question!
+ — Twelfth Doctor: Do you happen to know how to fly this thing?
+[Clara looks back at the Doctor, massively horrified]
+ — The newly regenerated Twelfth Doctor, "The Time of the Doctor"
+ — Twelfth Doctor: You realize, of course, one of us is lying about our basic
+ — Half-Face Man: [scared] Yes.
+ — Twelfth Doctor: And I think we both know who that is.
+ — "Deep Breath"
+ — Rusty: I see into your soul, Doctor. I see beauty. I see divinity. I...
+See... Hatred!
+ — Rusty: I am not a good Dalek. You are a good Dalek.
+ — "Into the Dalek"
+ — "Robbing a bank. Robbing a whole bank. Beat that for a date."
+ — The Twelfth Doctor, "Time Heist"
+ — "I tried to talk, I want you to remember that. I tried to reach out, I
+tried to understand you, but I think that you understand us perfectly. And I
+think that you just don't care! And I don't know whether you are here to
+invade, infiltrate or just replace us. I don't suppose it really matters now,
+you are monsters! That is the role you seem determined to play, so it seems
+that I must play mine! The man that stops the monsters! I'm sending you back to
+your own dimension. Who knows? Some of you may even survive the trip! And if
+you do! Remember this! You! Are not welcome here! This plane is protected! I!
+Am the Doctor! And I name you: the Boneless!"
+ — The Twelfth Doctor, "Flatline"
+ — "I am not a good man! And I'm not a bad man. I am not a hero, I'm
+definitely not a president, and no, I'm not an officer. You know what I am? I.
+Am. An idiot! With a box, and a screwdriver, passing through, helping out,
+learning. I don't need an army — I never have — because I've got them.
+Always them. Because love is not an emotion. Love is a promise."
+ — The Twelfth Doctor, "Death in Heaven"
+ — "So there's this man. He has a time machine. Up and down history he goes,
+zip zip zip zip zip, getting into scrapes. Another thing he has is a passion
+for the works of Ludwig van Beethoven. And one day he thinks, "What's the point
+of having a time machine if you don't get to meet your heroes?" So off he goes
+to 18th-century Germany. But he can't find Beethoven anywhere. No-one's heard
+of him, not even his family have any idea who the time traveller is talking
+about. Beethoven literally doesn't exist. (This didn't happen, by the way. I've
+met Beethoven. Nice chap. Very intense. Loved an arm-wrestle. No, this is
+called "The Bootstrap Paradox". Google it.) The time traveller panics, he can't
+bear the thought of a world without the music of Beethoven. Luckily he'd
+brought all his Beethoven sheet music for Ludwig to sign. So he copies out all
+the concertos and the symphonies... and he gets them published. He becomes
+Beethoven. And history continues with barely a feather ruffled. But my question
+is this. Who put those notes and phrases together? Who really composed
+Beethoven's 5th?"
+ — The Twelfth Doctor, "Before the Flood"
+ — Twelfth Doctor: Because it's not a game, Kate. This is a scale model of
+war. Every war ever fought right there in front of you. Because it's always the
+same. When you fire that first shot, no matter how right you feel, you have no
+idea who's going to die. You don't know who's children are going to scream and
+burn. How many hearts will be broken! How many lives shattered! How much blood
+will spill until everybody does what they're always going to have to do from
+the very beginning — sit down and talk! Listen to me, listen. I just — I
+just want you to think. Do you know what thinking is? It's just a fancy word
+for changing your mind.
+ — Bonnie: I will not change my mind.
+ — Twelfth Doctor: Then you will die stupid. Alternatively, you could step
+away from that box. You could walk right out of that door, and you could stand
+your revolution down.
+ — Bonnie: No, I'm not stopping this, Doctor. I started it. I will not stop
+it. You think they'll let me go after what I've done?
+ — Twelfth Doctor: You're all the same, you screaming kids, you know that?
+"Look at me, I'm unforgivable." Well here's the unforeseeable, I forgive you.
+After all you've done. I forgive you.
+ — Bonnie: You don't understand. You will never understand.
+ — Twelfth Doctor: I don't understand? Are you kidding? Me? Of course I
+understand. I mean, do you call this a war, this funny little thing? This is
+not a war. I fought in a bigger war than you will ever know. I did worse things
+than you could ever imagine, and when I close my eyes... I hear more screams
+than anyone could ever be able to count! And do you know what you do with all
+that pain? Shall I tell you where you put it? You hold it tight... Til it burns
+your hand. And you say this — no one else will ever have to live like this.
+No one else will ever have to feel this pain. Not on my watch.
+ — "The Zygon Inversion"
+ — "As you come into this world, something else is also born. You begin your
+life, and it begins a journey. Towards you. It moves slowly, but it never
+stops. Wherever you go, whatever path you take, it will follow; never faster,
+never slower, always coming. You will run, it will walk. You will rest. It will
+not. One day, you will linger in the same place too long. You will sit too
+still. You will sleep too deep. And when, too late, you rise to go, you will
+notice a second shadow next to yours. Your life will then be over."
+ — The Twelfth Doctor, narration, "Heaven Sent"
+ — "So you want me to tell you a story? The Brothers Grimm. Lovely fellows.
+They're on my darts team. According to them, there's this emperor, and he asks
+this shepherd's boy, "How many seconds in eternity?" And the shepherd's boy
+says, "There's this mountain of pure diamond. It takes an hour to climb it and
+an hour to go around it! And every hundred years a little bird comes and
+sharpens its beak on the diamond mountain. And when the entire mountain is
+chiseled away, the first... second... of eternity... will have passed!" You may
+think that's a hell of a long time! Personally... Personally, I think that's a
+hell of a bird."
+ — The Twelfth Doctor, "Heaven Sent"
+ — Brock: Who are you?
+ — Twelfth Doctor: There have been many attempts to conquer the Earth. I've
+lost count. Not one of them has succeeded. Not a single one. They all lost and
+burned and ran. That's who I am.
+ — "The Return of Doctor Mysterio"
+ — "The end of your life has already begun. There is a last place you will
+ever go, a last door you will ever walk through, a last sight you will ever
+see, and every step you ever take is moving you closer. The end of the world is
+a billion billion tiny moments, and somewhere, unnoticed, in silence or in
+darkness, it has already begun."
+ — The Twelfth Doctor, "The Pyramid at the End of the World"
+ — "Hey! I'm going to be dead in a few hours, so before I go, let's have this
+out, you and me, once and for all. Winning? Is that what you think it's about?
+I'm not trying to win. I'm not doing this because I want to beat someone, or
+because I hate someone, or because, because I want to blame someone. It's not
+because it's fun and God knows it's not because it's easy. It's not even
+because it works, because it hardly ever does. I do what I do, because it's
+right! Because it's decent! And above all, it's kind. It's just that. Just
+kind. If I run away today, good people will die. If I stand and fight, some of
+them might live. Maybe not many, maybe not for long. Hey, you know, maybe
+there's no point in any of this at all, but it's the best I can do, so I'm
+going to do it. And I will stand here doing it till it kills me. You're going
+to die too, some day. How will that be? Have you thought about it? What would
+you die for? Who I am is where I stand. Where I stand, is where I fall. Stand
+with me. These people are terrified. Maybe we can help, a little. Why not, just
+at the end, just be kind?"
+ — The Twelfth Doctor, "The Doctor Falls"
+ — "No stars. Pity. I hoped there'd be stars."
+ — The Twelfth Doctor, just before he dies (but not quite), "The
+Doctor Falls"
+ — "Oh, there it is. Silly old universe. The more I save it the more it needs
+saving. It's a treadmill. [the TARDIS makes argumentative noises; the Doctor
+sighs heavily] Yes, yes, I know they'll get it all wrong without me. [the
+TARDIS makes noises in agreement] Well, I suppose... one more lifetime won't
+kill anyone... Well, except me. You wait a moment, Doctor! Let's get it right.
+I've got a few things to say to you. Basic stuff first. Never be cruel, never
+be cowardly. And never, ever eat pears! Remember, hate is always foolish... and
+love, is always wise. [sighs wearily] Always try, to be nice and never fail to
+be kind. Oh, and... and you mustn't tell anyone your name. No-one would
+understand it anyway. Except... [gasps and collapses to the floor, then
+clutches his stomach in pain] except... children. Children can hear it.
+Sometimes, if their hearts are in the right place, and the stars are too.
+Children can hear your name. [struggles to get back on his feet] But nobody
+else. Nobody else. Ever. [gets back up again] Laugh hard! Run fast. Be kind.
+[pauses to compose himself] Doctor... I let you go."
+ — The Twelfth Doctor's Final Speech before regenerating, "Twice Upon
+a Time"
+ — "Oh, brilliant!"
+ — The Thirteenth Doctor, upon seeing her own reflection for the first
+time, "Twice Upon a Time"
+ — "There's this moment when you're sure you're about to die. And then...
+you're born. It's terrifying. Right now I'm a stranger to myself. There's
+echoes of who I was and a sort of call towards who I am. And I have to hold my
+nerve and trust all these new instincts — shape myself towards them. I'll be
+fine, in the end. Hopefully. I have to be, because you guys need help. And if
+there's one thing I'm certain of, when people need help, I never refuse."
+ — The Thirteenth Doctor, on regeneration, "The Woman Who Fell to
+ — "We're all capable of the most incredible change. We can evolve while
+still staying true to who we are. We can honour who we've been and choose who
+we want to be next."
+ — The Thirteenth Doctor, "The Woman Who Fell to Earth"
+ — "I'm the Doctor. Sorting out fair play throughout the universe. Now
+please. Get off this planet while you still have a choice."
+ — The Thirteenth Doctor, to Tzim-Sha, "The Woman Who Fell to Earth"
+ — Yaz: Have you got family?
+ — Thirteenth Doctor: Lost them a long time ago.
+ — Ryan: How'd you cope with that?
+ — Thirteenth Doctor: I carry them with me. What they would have thought, and
+said, and done. Make them a part of who I am. So even though they're gone from
+the world, they're never gone from me.
+ — "The Woman Who Fell to Earth"
+ — "I'm just a traveller. Sometimes I see things need fixin'... I do what I
+ — The Thirteenth Doctor, "The Woman Who Fell to Earth"
+ — Remnants: You lead, but you're scared too. For yourself and for others.
+ — Thirteenth Doctor: Yeah, well... Who isn't?
+ — Remnants: Afraid of your own newness. We see deeper, though. Further back.
+The Timeless Child.
+ — Thirteenth Doctor: ...What did you just say?
+ — Remnants: She doesn't know.
+ — Thirteenth Doctor: What are you talking about? What can you see?
+ — Remnants: We see what's hidden, even from yourself. The Outcast, abandoned
+and unknown.
+ — Thirteenth Doctor: Get out of my head.
+ — "The Ghost Monument"
+ — "Come to Daddy. I mean Mummy. I mean... I really need you right now!"
+ — The Thirteenth Doctor, trying to get the TARDIS to materialize,
+"The Ghost Monument"
+ — "Oh, my beautiful Ghost Monument... Hello, you. I've missed you. Oh!
+You've done yourself up! Very nice..."
+ — The Thirteenth Doctor, to the TARDIS, "The Ghost Monument"
+ — Krasko: Blue box in the alley, is it a TARDIS?
+ — Thirteenth Doctor: Might be. What's it to you?
+ — Krasko: Well, could be worth a lot.
+ — Thirteenth Doctor: Nah, not that one. Second hand, huge mileage, one
+careless owner!
+ — "Rosa"
+ — Thirteenth Doctor: You're a medic, I'm the Doctor.
+ — Mabli: A doctor of medicine?
+ — Thirteenth Doctor: Well, medicine, science, engineering, candy floss,
+LEGO, philosophy, music, problems, people, hope. Mostly hope.
+ — "The Tsuranga Conundrum"
+ — "No matter how many times you try, no matter how long you wait... I will
+always be in your way, backed up by the best of humanity. Now... final, final,
+final warning, because I'm nice. I really do try my best. Stop the signal, get
+off this planet."
+ — The Thirteenth Doctor explains herself to a Dalek, "Resolution"