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Updated exec-helper-git package to exec-helper commit 2c2c9da55117e292093dc241bb8042b9c4f3ef27
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diff --git a/.SRCINFO b/.SRCINFO
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index 00000000000..6fdf80e959f
--- /dev/null
+++ b/.SRCINFO
@@ -0,0 +1,30 @@
+pkgbase = exec-helper
+ pkgdesc = How To Get Coffee In Peace: a shell meta-wrapper
+ pkgver = 0.2.0_2_gdb7aef2
+ pkgrel = 1
+ url =
+ changelog = exec-helper.changelog
+ arch = i686
+ arch = x86_64
+ license = GPL3
+ makedepends = cmake
+ makedepends = boost
+ makedepends = make
+ makedepends = doxygen
+ makedepends = graphviz
+ makedepends = git
+ makedepends = pkg-config
+ makedepends = microsoft-gsl-git
+ makedepends = lsb-release
+ depends = yaml-cpp
+ depends = boost-libs
+ source = exec-helper::git+
+ md5sums = SKIP
+pkgname = exec-helper
+pkgname = exec-helper-docs
+ pkgdesc = HTML API documentation for exec-helper
+ arch = any
+ depends =
diff --git a/PKGBUILD b/PKGBUILD
new file mode 100644
index 00000000000..ecc8c4ff721
--- /dev/null
@@ -0,0 +1,62 @@
+# Maintainer: Bart Verhagen <>
+pkgname=('exec-helper' 'exec-helper-docs')
+pkgdesc="How To Get Coffee In Peace: a shell meta-wrapper"
+arch=('i686' 'x86_64')
+depends=(yaml-cpp boost-libs)
+makedepends=(cmake boost make doxygen graphviz git pkg-config microsoft-gsl-git lsb-release)
+_exec_helper_build_targets=('exec-helper' 'docs-man')
+_system_description=$(lsb_release --description --short | sed 's/"//g')
+_release_version="($_system_description) $_source_version"
+_copyright="Copyright (c) $(date +'%Y') Bart Verhagen"
+pkgver() {
+ printf "%s" $pkgver
+build() {
+ _nb_of_cores=$(grep -c ^processor /proc/cpuinfo)
+ make --directory "$_build_dir" --jobs ${_nb_of_cores} ${_exec_helper_build_targets[@]} ${_exec_helper_docs_build_targets[@]}
+package_exec-helper() {
+ cmake -DCOMPONENT=runtime -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX="$pkgdir/usr" -P "$_build_dir/cmake_install.cmake"
+ cmake -DCOMPONENT=docs-man -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX="$pkgdir/usr" -P "$_build_dir/cmake_install.cmake"
+package_exec-helper-docs() {
+ # options and directives that can be overridden
+ pkgdesc="HTML API documentation for exec-helper"
+ arch=('any')
+ depends=()
+ cmake -DCOMPONENT=docs-html -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX="$pkgdir/usr" -P "$_build_dir/cmake_install.cmake"
diff --git a/exec-helper.changelog b/exec-helper.changelog
new file mode 100644
index 00000000000..54608ad1e82
--- /dev/null
+++ b/exec-helper.changelog
@@ -0,0 +1,699 @@
+0.2.0 (2018-02-02)
+- Changed LICENSE from GPL-v3 to the 3-clause BSD. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added a version option displaying the version and copyright
+ information for the particular exec-helper instance. [Bart Verhagen]
+- CI: Removed spurious install-aur script. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added EH_WORKING_DIR predefined pattern. This pattern can now be used
+ when the current working directory should be used rather than the
+ directory of the used configuration file. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added working-dir support to the make plugin. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Exec-helper now searches for a given configuration file, in addition
+ to the current working directory and the HOME folder of the caller, in
+ the parent directories of the current working directory. The parent
+ directories of the current working directories are searched before the
+ HOME folder of the caller. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Test: Implemented the execute-multiple-statements-predefined-order-
+ duplicates scenario. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Test: Implemented execute-multiple-statements-predefined-order-
+ multiple scenario. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Doc: 1. Improved README 2. Added help target to Makefile for quick
+ installations. [Bart Verhagen]
+- CI: Removed artifact expiration for pages job. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Doc: Added functionality for optionally generating Doxygen XML
+ documentation. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Test: Added man page for integration tests. Installing tests in bin
+ folder now. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Test: Added component to integration tests. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Test: Isolated independent base utils in a separate library. Added an
+ integration build target. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Test: Added test target to build. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Test: Added integration test for the execute-multiple-statements-
+ predefined-order-single scenario. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Dsgn: Added scenarios for the "execute multiple statements" feature.
+ [Bart Verhagen]
+- Doc: Added feature documentation for executing multiple statements.
+ [Bart Verhagen]
+- Doc: Added to all documented parameters metadata whether it concerns
+ an in or out parameter. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Doc: Enabled WARN_IF_UNDOCUMENTED in Doxygen html configuration and
+ fixed all documentation errors that were reported due to this. [Bart
+ Verhagen]
+- Doc: Further improved README. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Doc: Improved README. [Bart Verhagen]
+- QA: Activated the -header-filter=.* of clang-tidy and fixed all issues
+ found by it. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Doc: Added documententation for the working directory feature. [Bart
+ Verhagen]
+- Doc: Documented requirement for one of the parameters for the
+ commander. [Bart Verhagen]
+- User: Enabled pattern replacement for working directories. [Bart
+ Verhagen]
+- Build: Improved use of multiarch directory. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Test: Using boost-filesystem in unittests as a first test for the
+ boost filesystem API. [Bart Verhagen]
+- CI: Introduced YAML aliases for defining gitlab builds. [Bart
+ Verhagen]
+- Doc: Finished documentation for the config module. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Doc: Added documentation for the command plugin. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Doc: Added documentation to various classes. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Doc: Added documentation for exec-helper-config-patterns and exec-
+ helper-config-environment. Doxygen now builds man pages with the
+ WARNING_AS_ERROR setting set to yes. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added the ability to generate a changelog. [Bart Verhagen]
+- CI: Lowered building with multiple threads to fix issues when
+ compiling on the CI system. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Merge branch 'dev' of into dev. [Bart
+ Verhagen]
+- Merge branch 'dev' of into dev. [Bart
+ Verhagen]
+- Merge branch 'master' into dev. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Fixed issues reported by coverity that were relevant to the exec-
+ helper source code. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Reintroduced the cov-int root directory for the coverity scan tool.
+ [Bart Verhagen]
+- Fixed issue with creating the coverity archive. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Updated the coverity scan build command. Changed the way the xz
+ archive is constructed. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Made the path to exec-helper in the PATH an absolute path. [Bart
+ Verhagen]
+- Limited coverity to only one configuration to be analyzed. [Bart
+ Verhagen]
+- Added the rsync dependency to the coverity build job. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Fixed archive name of coverity scan tool. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added dependencies for the coverity job. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added coverity scan job. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Addressed issues found by coverity scan. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Merge branch 'dev' into introduce-gsl. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Merge branch 'dev' into introduce-gsl. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Merge branch 'dev' into add-paths-relative-to-config-file. [Bart
+ Verhagen]
+- Merge branch 'add-cross-compiler-test' of
+ helper into add-cross-compiler-test. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Removed warning-as-error field from clang-tidy, since several systems
+ do not support it yet. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Revert "Fixed man page setup for the docs of the config and the
+ plugins module" [Bart Verhagen]
+ This reverts commit 40d9b5910404fe6cf486e77fdad9194830e3e85e.
+- Fixed man page setup for the docs of the config and the plugins
+ module. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Fixed issue with wrong EXAMPLE_PATHS for the documentation. [Bart
+ Verhagen]
+- Added ability to generate a man page for the eh command. [Bart
+ Verhagen]
+- Filled in the correct information in the LICENSE. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Fixed search path of cmake modules to be dependent on on the
+ PROJECT_SOURCE_DIR variable rather than the CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR variable.
+ [Bart Verhagen]
+- - Fixed docs still getting installed in /usr - Fixed Makefile install
+ target. [Bart Verhagen]
+- - Removed example - Removed package dir - Removed /usr from the prefix
+ dir. [Bart Verhagen]
+0.1.1 (2017-09-27)
+- CI: Removed artifact expiration for pages job. [Bart Verhagen]
+0.1.0 (2017-06-14)
+- Only publishing master from now on. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Made Doxygen option if BUILD_MAN_DOCUMENTATION is not set. [Bart
+ Verhagen]
+- Fixed the fact that the result of finding Doxygen is used before
+ Doxygen is searched. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Fixed pages path. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Fixed build issue with variable shadowing other variable. [Bart
+ Verhagen]
+- Fixed gzip asking whether it can overwrite an existing gzipped file.
+ [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added gzip module for finding gzip, rather than have it as a hardcoded
+ path. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Fixed analysis build issues. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Man pages are now gzipped. [Bart Verhagen]
+- - Added cmake parent targets for the documentation. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Sharing now for all man pages in the parent directory.
+ [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added initial version of the man-page generation by cmake. [Bart
+ Verhagen]
+- Fixed build-clang issue. [Bart Verhagen]
+- - Added doxygen HTML report generation to cmake and install targets -
+ Split the build folder output into a build and install component.
+ [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added documentation for the valgrind plugin. [Bart Verhagen]
+- - Fixed issue with pmd installation for the examples - Updated pmd to
+ version 5.7.0. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added documentation for the pmd plugin. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Fixed missing path to the examples of the config module. [Bart
+ Verhagen]
+- Added documentation for the lcov plugin. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added cppcheck as a runtime dependency for the example target. [Bart
+ Verhagen]
+- - Fixed example target - Added cppcheck example test. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added documentation for the cppcheck plugin. [Bart Verhagen]
+- - Fixed the emphasize on patterns - Fixed the explanation on deploying
+ the examples in the documentation. [Bart Verhagen]
+- - Moved source files to src directory - Made scons build out-of-tree
+ to the build dir, just like make does. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added documentation for the clang-tidy plugin. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added dependencies for running the examples. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added additional files required to make the example in the
+ documentation work. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Extended the clang-static-analyzer example. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added documentation for the clang-static-analyzer plugin. [Bart
+ Verhagen]
+- Changed make plugin example to actually build something. [Bart
+ Verhagen]
+- Fixed issue where make does not execute its targets if files with the
+ same name exist. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Fixed examples. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Fixed some small things in the make plugin documentation. [Bart
+ Verhagen]
+- Added documentation for the scons plugin. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added documentation for the make plugin. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Fixed language mistake in command-line-command plugin documentation.
+ [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added documentation for the bootstrap plugin. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Fixed issue for the example build. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added documentation for the selector plugin. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added documentation for the memory plugin. [Bart Verhagen]
+- - Added documentation for the execute-plugin. - Fixed linking issues
+ in html. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Improved command-line-command documentation. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added documentation for the command-plugin. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Replaced command lines in the exec helper configuration with its
+ bracketed variant. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Replaced old C style comments with markdown for the doxygen pages.
+ [Bart Verhagen]
+- - Fixed issues found by clang-tidy - Added multithreaded building to
+ the release target of the Makefile. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Fixed issue where yaml sequences were not successfully parsed and maps
+ in yaml are unordered. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Fixes issues reported by clang-tidy. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added unit tests for the environment variable bug. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Fixed bug where wordexp is not replacing environment variables that
+ were set in the exec-helper configuration file. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added explanatory comments to the command-line-command example. [Bart
+ Verhagen]
+- Changed command-line-command documentation from the c-style
+ documentation to markdown. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Fixed path to the g++ exec-helper executable. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Isolated the command-line-command example documentation to a separate
+ file that can be tested. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added documentation on the command-line-command plugin. [Bart
+ Verhagen]
+- Fixed eh symlink to point to exec-helper in the same folder. This
+ fixes a bug that can occurs when the chosen prefix is different from
+ where eventually the symlink will point to (as will be the case when
+ building packages for various distro's. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added functionality to the exec-helper config for installing specific
+ components. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added man5 as a default value for the MANTYPE pattern. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added message when linking eh to exec-helper at installation time.
+ [Bart Verhagen]
+- Makefile now builds and installs exec-helper, no more targets should
+ get in it. - The eh symlink is now installed together with the exec-
+ helper binary. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added exec-helper-plugin documentation. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added doxygen page about exec-helper-config. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Improved the ways to build the different forms of documentation. [Bart
+ Verhagen]
+- Only publish pages for the dev branch for now. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Removed old .exec-helper_profiles. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Improved README. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added code blocks to quick install section of the readme. [Bart
+ Verhagen]
+- Updated the README to the current dev workflow. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Updated the README to the current dev workflow. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Fixed documentation deliverable for pages. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Addressed issues reported by new version of clang-tidy. [Bart
+ Verhagen]
+- Changed structure of documentation files. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Moved deliverables of the docs target to the build dir. [Bart
+ Verhagen]
+- Fixed double dashes becoming one dash in the HTML generated doxygen
+ report. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Finished exec-helper-usage documentation. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Merge branch 'master' into dev. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Update LICENSE. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Addressed issues reported by clang-tidy. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Moved testing ubuntu to analyze stage due to its long running nature.
+ [Bart Verhagen]
+- Fixed build. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Fixed failed unittest of config module for clang in release mode.
+ [Bart Verhagen]
+- Removed forgotten VERBOSE output from make. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added additional analyze stage in build pipeline. [Bart Verhagen]
+- - Addressed issue found by clang-tidy - Made undefined-behaviour
+ target execute all tests. [Bart Verhagen]
+- - Fixed issue reported by clang-tidy - Fixed issue with undefined
+ behaviour build. [Bart Verhagen]
+- - Added support for undefined behaviour detection using USBSan. -
+ Added support for settings the environment in make - Added place for
+ adding common combination test stuff. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Started on man page for exec-helper. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added documentation build command. Added documentation for
+ SettingsNode. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Addressed issues reported by clang-tidy. Replaced split function with
+ boost::split. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Fixed remarks of clang-tidy. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Reworked the pmd plugin and its tests. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Merge branch 'generalize-approach' into add-clang-tidy-warning-as-
+ error. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Addressed remark by clang-tidy. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Fixed scons tests. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added functionality for searching the configuration settings file on
+ multiple spots. Enabled searching in the home directory of the user on
+ *NIX systems. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Fixed remarks from automatic analysis tools. [Bart Verhagen]
+- - Fixed clang-tidy remarks - Fixed code duplication remarked by pmd.
+ [Bart Verhagen]
+- Refactored SettingsNode. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Made posix shell tests more portable. Changed default make target to
+ release. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Fixed clang-tidy and coverage analysis. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Fixed inheriting the environment from the host. Added commander tests
+ for it. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Merge branch 'add-clang-tidy-plugin' into generalize-approach. [Bart
+ Verhagen]
+- Added support for the environment configuration key in the command
+ line command plugin. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Fixes segfault. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added initial implementation. There are segfaults during execution of
+ the tests. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Fixed clang-static-analyzer build. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Removed the download of yaml-cpp for the clang-tidy-rest build since
+ the system one is used. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Tried to fix the gitlab clang-tidy tests. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added test combination for multiple command lines. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added support for multiple commands to the commandLineCommand plugin.
+ [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added clang-tidy installation package. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Removed clang-tidy makefile project. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added clang-tidy. Fixed the issues reported by clang-tidy. [Bart
+ Verhagen]
+- Properly fixed the configuration modes and order for nested
+ configuration values. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Implemented and partially tested the clang-tidy plugin. [Bart
+ Verhagen]
+- Added make as install dependency for clang-tidy. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added gitlab setup for clang-tidy code analysis. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Changed default compilers to their c++ variants. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added a LIMITED_OPTIMIZATION option. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added a clang-tidy makefile target. Fixed issues reported by clang-
+ tidy. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Fixed memory-check issues in the gitlab-ci setup. [Bart Verhagen]
+- [branch] [Bart Verhagen]
+ - Fixed gitlab failures.
+- Improved the cppcheck plugin tests. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Finished command plugin tests. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Fixed parenthesis. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Switched 'using system catch' back to OFF. Fixed pmd looking on the
+ wrong path for the test files. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Moved the tests directory outside of the src directory. [Bart
+ Verhagen]
+- Removed all stuff related to the legacy python implementation. [Bart
+ Verhagen]
+- Added tests for the command plugin. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Fixed some bugs in the commandLineCommand plugin. Improved the
+ commandLineCommand tests. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Improved the clangStaticAnalyzer plugin tests. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Fixed code duplication caught by pmd. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Removed the now unused getBuildDir function. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Improved scons plugin implementation. Improved scons plugin tests.
+ [Bart Verhagen]
+- Improved the implementation of the make plugin. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Improved and extended the bootstrap plugin implementation. Improved
+ the tests of the bootstrap plugin. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added the configured commands to the help message. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Fixed yaml-cpp related build issues when not using the system provided
+ yaml-cpp. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Fixed gitlab CI issues. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Merge branch 'change-to-cmake' into generalize-approach. [Bart
+ Verhagen]
+- Moved functionality from the makefile to exec-helper. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Fixed issue with insecure certificates for downloading pmd on gitlab.
+ [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added SYSTEM_CATCH support. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Fixed coverage on gitlab. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added debug commands to coverage for gitlab. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Revert "Temporarily added debugging command to lcov to check issues
+ with gitlab" [Bart Verhagen]
+ This reverts commit c863c8e60fc08c1ecbfa1ce88f779b5c2ba73f04.
+- Merge branch 'generalize-approach' into change-to-cmake. [Bart
+ Verhagen]
+- Temporarily added debugging command to lcov to check issues with
+ gitlab. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added reportingExecutor to cmake build system. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Merge branch 'generalize-approach' into change-to-cmake. [Bart
+ Verhagen]
+- Removed empty .gitmodules file. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Fixed external_projects always trying to contact the server. [Bart
+ Verhagen]
+- Fixed clang-static-analyzer analyze method. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Fixed coverage statistics. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Deleted scons files. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Fixed release build. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added make install to gitlab ci. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added build to build commands. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added yaml-cpp dependency. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added Catch external dependency. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Updated branch to latest master. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Fixed .exec-helper file to use the new build system. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added a functional cmake build system. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Improved make plugin tests. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Improved the make tests. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added support for the verbosity setting to several plugins. [Bart
+ Verhagen]
+- Fixed issue where everything got dry-runned all the time. [Bart
+ Verhagen]
+- Added support for dry-running exec-helper. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added a possible workaround for the ubuntu cmake build issue. [Bart
+ Verhagen]
+- Added code to get more information for the ubuntu build failure on
+ gitlab. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added build-essential package to the ubuntu required packages for
+ building. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Fixed lcov configuration that was no longer removing coverage results
+ from external parties. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Fixed coverage build. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Fixed installation of lcov as root. Fixed ubuntu build. [Bart
+ Verhagen]
+- Fixed command for exporting tar. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Fixed issues in .gitlab-ci. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Fixed .gitlab-ci.yml. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added cmake as a build dependency. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Fixed gitlab-ci coverage setup. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Fixed .gitlab-ci.yml. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Changed gitlab configuration to use the Arch Linux image as the base
+ image. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Fixed gitlab-ci configuration. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Re-enabled the yaml-cpp submodule to fix builds with yaml-cpp below or
+ equal to version 0.5.3. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Further improved tests. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Merge branch 'add-pmd' into add-lcov. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Fixed code dupliction reported by pmd-cpd. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Resolved some more code duplicatin reported by pmd. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Improved lcov tests. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Collected unittest adaptations in a separate catch wrapper header
+ file. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added possibility for combination tests. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added first version of the lcov plugin. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Attempt to fix compilation error in ubuntu. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Fixed package name for yaml-cpp in Ubuntu. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Removed yaml-submodule: it is now an external dependency. [Bart
+ Verhagen]
+- Fixed code duplication test setup. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Fixed issue with code duplication test in gitlab. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Fixed some issues reported by pmd-cpd. Added pmd-cpd test target to
+ gitlab CI. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Fixed some duplicate code that was flagged by pmd-cpd. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Improved valgrin plugin tests. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added tests for the pmd plugin. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added pmd plugin. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Fixed the gitlab memory leak configuration. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added the valgrind plugin. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Removed debug builds from arch-linux test build. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added built exec-helper to the path of the coverage target. [Bart
+ Verhagen]
+- Cut dependency of coverage make target on the build target. [Bart
+ Verhagen]
+- Fixed forgotten parameter in the gitlab configuration for the
+ unittests. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Renamed target option for the run-target to module. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Changed gitlab-ci to use the exec-helper with the run-test command.
+ [Bart Verhagen]
+- Extended command-line-command to replace patterns. This enables exec-
+ helpers for run functionality. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added clangStaticAnalyzer unittests and added unittest to the selector
+ plugin tests. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Improved code coverage of the executePlugin and the pluginUtils. [Bart
+ Verhagen]
+- Changed shared_ptr to unique_ptr for the plugins. Fixed memory leak in
+ ExecutePlugin. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Removed spurious copy constructor and assignment operator for the
+ Pattern class. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added tests for the PatternHandler and the Pattern class. [Bart
+ Verhagen]
+- Fixed the cppcheck configuration of exec-helper itself. [Bart
+ Verhagen]
+- Extended execHelperOptions tests. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Fixed issues with cppcheck tests. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Fixed target-path option in the cppcheck plugin. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added tests for executePlugin. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Fixed clang-static-analyzer test step for gitlab. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Removed all the now unused build descriptions and parameters. [Bart
+ Verhagen]
+- Fixed analyze command. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added selector and memory plugin. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added pattern functionality. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Preparation for adding options at runtime later on. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Switched off useless build options for yaml-cpp the proper way. [Bart
+ Verhagen]
+- Added callback for shell return value feedback. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added clang static analyzer. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added plugin that enabled a target calling other targets. Only enabled
+ for commands that fall directly under the commands setting. [Bart
+ Verhagen]
+- Enabled use of the env[CC] variable to be used. Enabled support for
+ ccc-analyzer builds. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added app target to Makefile. Fixed bug in exec-helper configuration.
+ [Bart Verhagen]
+- Improved how cppcheck handles targets. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added cppcheck analyze method. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added default settings for targets and run targets. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added a getTarget() to the common build plugin functions. Tried to add
+ a sensible default. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added target patterns. Adapted make plug. Broke the make tests. The
+ make plugin needs to mature more to be ready for the field. [Bart
+ Verhagen]
+- Added release target. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added tests for the build plugin general functions. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added pluginUtils tests. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Improved test coverage of execHelperOptions. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Improved bootstrap plugin. Improved bootstrap plugin tests. [Bart
+ Verhagen]
+- Added single threaded option. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Improved scons build output. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Fixed clang build. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Updated .exec-helper to latest format. Fixed commandLineCommand plugin
+ tests. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added command specific command line settings to the command line
+ command plugin. Isolated more general utility functions in a
+ pluginUtil file. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added index page to access the test reports more easily. [Bart
+ Verhagen]
+- Moved implementation of SettingsNode to a cpp file. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added tests for the distribution option. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Made make plugin not depending on specific commands. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Removed commented scons functions. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Scons plugin has no predetermined commands any longer. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Improved scons tests. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Improved the scons tests. Added Options interface. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Fixed another bug in default-distributions. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Fixed bug in default-distributions. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added support for distributions. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added color support to the exec-helper output. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Improved tests. Fixed bug in all target of the scons plugin. [Bart
+ Verhagen]
+- Improved test coverage. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Improved gitignore file for temporary test files. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Isolated createObject functionality. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Merge branch 'add-architecture' into generalize-approach. [Bart
+ Verhagen]
+- Removed the Debug and Release classes in favor of a more generic Mode
+ class. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Removed the Gcc and Clang compiler classes. Everything is now generic
+ in the Compiler class itself. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Fixed core unittests. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added architecture option - work in progress. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Merge branch 'master' into generalize-approach. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Fixed build issues. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added support for code coverage when testing. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Fixed spurious output in the tests. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added gitlab sticker to readme. [ci skip] [Bart Verhagen]
+- Fixed bug where we compared a function pointer rather than its return
+ value. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Changed the content of package to use the packaging system names
+ rather than the distribution names for building specific packages.
+ [Bart Verhagen]
+- Improved test coverage. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Removed build dependency from the check-memory and coverage make
+ targets. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added unittests for patterns and scons plugin. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Merge branch 'generalize-approach' of
+ into generalize-approach. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added a constructor with an initializer list to the Task class. [Bart
+ Verhagen]
+- Fixed bug in parsing the mode option. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Introduced default-mode and default-compiler settings. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added inital bootstrap module. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added initial make plugin. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Fixed Makefile to fail on intermediate unittests failing. [Bart
+ Verhagen]
+- Improved error handling and added convenience constructor to the
+ CompilerDescription. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Changed arch linux docker image. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added ncurses dependency to arch linux build. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Changed arch linux build name. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added clang to arch linux build. Moved arch linux build to test stage.
+ [Bart Verhagen]
+- Another attempt to fix arch linux. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added pacman-db-upgrade to arch linux build. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Fixed key GPG issues in arch-linux build. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Attempt to fix confirmation questions of pacman. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Removed g++ package dependency from arch linux. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Removed automatic update of arch linux. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Fixed issue in arch linux build. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Fixed issue where we forgot the Arch Linux image. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added arch linux build. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Fixed pages. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Moved publish coverage one level down. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Fixed build issues on Gitlab. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added clang build. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Fixed git package for new base image. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Fixed boost version for new base image. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Changed base docker image. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Fixed .gitlab yaml file. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added coverage report to .gitlab. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added primitive log function. Improved tests. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added scons plugin. Made further improvements. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added commander and accompanying tests. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added a test for the command line command plugin. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Further improved test coverage. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Improved unit test coverage. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Renamed target files to targetDescription. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Improved buildTools. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Fixed issue with the parsing of the main arguments in
+ execHelperTest.cpp. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Removed the build dependency of the tests in the make file. [Bart
+ Verhagen]
+- Fixed memory leak in execHelperOptionsTest. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added yaml parsing and added mechanism to get the yaml specified
+ options into the exec helper options. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added the --yes option to apt-get installs. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Another attempt on an improved gitlab configuration. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added an apt-get update before trying to install something using apt.
+ [Bart Verhagen]
+- Further improved the gitlab configuration file. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added missing runtime dependencies for tests. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Fixed typo in gitlab configuration file. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Made the c++ test use the artifacts of the build step. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added the prefetching of git submodules again. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Updated gitlab configuration to (hopefuly) download the right version
+ of libboost* from apt. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Fixed build issues with gitlab-ci. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Fixed dependency issue in the 3rd party yaml-cpp setup. [Bart
+ Verhagen]
+- Initialized git submodules manually before the build. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added dependency on cmake for the 3rd party repositories. [Bart
+ Verhagen]
+- Added yaml tests to make file targets. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added YAML parser and tests. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added build dependency to gitlab-ci configuration. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added gitlab build and tests for the c++ system. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Removed lcov script. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added Makefile for convenience of executing certain actions. [Bart
+ Verhagen]
+- Added file. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added code coverage support in debug mode. Added script for executing
+ gcov/lcov for easier code coverage analysis. Improved code coverage.
+ [Bart Verhagen]
+- Improved permutation iterators. Added tests. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Isolated the inner iterator of the permutation iterator in a separate
+ class. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added CompilerDescription. Added template for more permutation
+ iterations. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added sequential task runner and immediate executor implementations.
+ [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added the run target command line option. Also added the comparison
+ operator for the TargetDescription class. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Changed the shared_ptr of m_target in execHelperOptions to a
+ unique_ptr. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Refactored execHelperOptions to return a target object rather than a
+ (redundant) list of targets. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added target and task class, including unittests. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added options parsing and accompanying unit tests. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added PKGBUILD for arch linux. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added script for adding the exec-helper command to the path when
+ packaging. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Fixed issues with clang static analyzer when toolchain path is not
+ given or gcc is used as the compiler. [Bart Verhagen]
+- - Fixed clang analyzer path - Added tests for the build toolchain
+ path. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Improved output formatting. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Fixed a spurious colored() call from a previous experiment that
+ survived the cleaning action. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Improved output without the verbose flag set. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added colored output for executed commands. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Adapted make build system to use the proper root build dir. [Bart
+ Verhagen]
+- Fixed valgrind filter. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added suport for defining the supported architectures and
+ distributions. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Fixed build issues. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added the configurable root build dir option. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Updated the very specific make implementation. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Refactored the profile command to use the new Target class. [Bart
+ Verhagen]
+- Refactored the analyze command to use the new Target class. [Bart
+ Verhagen]
+- Refactored distclean command to use the Target class. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Refactor run command to use the new Target class. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Refactored the build command to use the Target class. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Improved the [Bart Verhagen]
+- Fixed issue with 'all' target. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Merge branch 'master' of [Bart
+ Verhagen]
+- Added initial support for a specific make configuration (not generic
+ yet). Added bug in finding the default exec-helper_profiles mapping.
+ [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added build option in the settings. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added two phase parsing of arguments. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added a configurable all target. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Fixed build errors. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Fixed build errors. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Fixed build errors. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Improved the run target tests. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added run target tests. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Replaced the exec-helper_profile python format by json format. [Bart
+ Verhagen]
+- Removed redundant commands for the profiling test targets. [Bart
+ Verhagen]
+- Fixed issue with ifstream open function not taking a const string
+ reference. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Fixed return code of the python tests. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Refactored and improved the build and distclean tests and test
+ infrastructure. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added clean and distclean target test. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Fixed importlib for python2. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added integration tests for the build command. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Fixed cppcheck, build targets and gitlab build. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Isolated perf profiling from the compatibility tests. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Removed python2 package from .gitlab-ci.yml. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added gitlab .gitlab-ci.yml file. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Added support for running profileMap files. [Bart Verhagen]
+- First implementation of exec-helper. [Bart Verhagen]
+- Initial commit. [Bart Verhagen]