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Changelog ========= Merge pull request #452 from bebehei/fail-on-missing-config (c04fce1) Fail when config file given via option not found (48dc3d2) Merge pull request #449 from bebehei/fix-notification-timeouts (75fddab) Clean up dunst.h (1c53ae7) Remove timeout_cnt (b7b8362) Check if next_timeout is in past (2a823eb) Call XFlush after redrawing the window (1fc96e9) Clearify structures in dunst:run (43b9c45) Merge pull request #447 from bebehei/image-path (714731e) Merge pull request #448 from bebehei/style (62e8b04) Don't indent switch labels (0ad63d2) curly braces style (5b2a6e5) Improve whitespace handling (bd8fd8b) Refactor arguments into one line (fc4f0a4) Sort includes alphabetically (caa63d6) Support image-path hint (34ee174) Merge pull request #444 from bebehei/dunstify-utf8-icon (7191104) Set Locale in dunstify (664ec41) Merge pull request #439 from bebehei/duplicate-notifications (6e9a805) Merge pull request #440 from bebehei/enums (e84922a) Merge pull request #442 from tsipinakis/dunstify-printid (9382cbb) Dunstify: Print id before blocking (51a98b8) Sanitize negative urgency correctly (823665a) Validate closing reasons inside dbus method (20807a0) Merge pull request #441 from bebehei/align-dunstify-args (73eaa25) Use enum for close reason (744712a) Prefix urgency enum with URG_ (5f51147) Use enum for urgency (d91053c) Free old notifications when replaced (03c8301) Change queues_stack_duplicate signature to bool (1162f53) Close old notification when stacking (7a057b0) Merge pull request #425 from bebehei/memory-leak_history-ignore (62e5028) Free notifications ignored in history (b7677af) Merge pull request #364 from SteveJones/master (fd81bd1) Require XRandR 1.5 in pkg-config to compile (4cf9114) Fix handling of non V1.5 XRandR (1e51edc) Merge pull request #423 from bebehei/optimize_icons (76857b6) Merge pull request #424 from bebehei/timeout-fixes (c481760) Merge pull request #426 from bebehei/progress (48fab3f) Use '-1' for undefined progress (11af740) Fixup fields to count in monotonic usec time (1f4d03a) Free Actions in separate method (b571698) Optimize out icon_overridden (23cae31) Add separate function to free RawImage (13ed630) Merge pull request #411 from bebehei/refactor-queues (e111f53) Remove command handling from notification_init (b574834) Rename queue to waiting (616b8a1) Force management of queues to queues.c (a536e3f) Refactor history_* functions to match queues namespace (e388176) Refactor notification_* functions to match queues namespace (38e4bbb) Move update_lists and check_timeouts to queues.c (12fa9d6) Move pause_display to queues.c (c70da44) Move get_sleep_time to queues.c (59ac6d0) Increment id counter only for displayed notifications (3fab4c4) Move id assignment to separate function in queues.c (f869175) Move maximum notification display count to x11 (af9f6b8) Move queue initialization to queues.c (7110734) Uncouple dunst.h from queues.c again (7f335b7) Refactor: Move queue specific methods to queues.c (a7003e3) Merge pull request #421 from bebehei/dbus-leakings (11afe28) Add changelog entry for dbus memleaks (75ba00f) Unref GVariants after use again (df56528) Merge pull request #417 from bebehei/buildstack (177fc30) Sync phony targets with .PHONY and organise in sections (b5a48ea) Introduce debug target (d07bdac) Merge pull request #418 from bebehei/microopt (a257556) Indent functions to standard (e3528ef) Remove unused ERR macro (2d67a5c) Make startup notification timeout in 10 seconds (2d7dc6f) Reorganise CLFAGS/LDFLAGS handling (bfc8b17) travis: also build dunstify (1091a97) Restructure the Makefile (refactor) (e890052) Simplify dunstify flags (37d76ab) Treat warnings in travis as fatal (1cb60e0) Merge pull request #371 from bebehei/configh (3691b7e) Merge pull request #409 from bebehei/issue-template (7da60b9) Merge pull request #416 from bebehei/unref-notify (d06c471) Free notification before closing (ca996c9) Deprecate STATIC_CONFIG (3fc27e4) Merge pull request #410 from EdwardBetts/patch-1 (bc9ddff) Do not extra check g_free for null (0119758) correct spelling mistake (5f87039) Remove LENGTH macro and replace with glib one (bc3c646) Add issue template (0b9dda2) Merge pull request #407 from bebehei/gnu-source (4d59e3a) Remove _GNU_SOURCE macro (be3636c) Remove config.def.h and only use config.h (20414cc) Move default values into separate settings struct (7965fd3) Arrange default rules vertically (c711b59) Temporarily remove invalid value test in string_to_time (e8e4af9) Merge pull request #379 from bebehei/timeout-in-msecs (fe2a3b5) Change boundary conditions in run() (81ff862) overhaul get_sleep_time (1f0e8d2) Add option_get_time functions (5d46cd7) Use gint64 as microseconds for internal timeunit (956b5c6) Microoptimisation in get_sleep_time (7a02d8e) Merge pull request #406 from bebehei/default-icons (4c09b43) Change default icons to match freedesktop spec (11aef25) Merge pull request #401 from bebehei/flickerless-replace (a56bdd1) Merge pull request #402 from bebehei/unused-fields (a18b4d8) Merge pull request #403 from bebehei/redo-354 (4783778) Initialize icons before parsing the format (c55308b) Work around non-gnu basename implementations (9aba546) Remove unused struct fields (d6c1fbb) Merge pull request #387 from bebehei/tests-for-string-append (0a3298d) Merge pull request #400 from bebehei/systemdremove (2799df7) Remove systemd service on uninstall (8b102a4) Update notification attributes upon direct replace (e8f152b) Improve usage of string_append (6e654eb) Do not concatenate empty strings with separator (a6301ff) Merge pull request #391 from bebehei/flickerless-replace (82d544e) Merge pull request #396 from bebehei/memory-leak_2 (70a709a) Fix small memory leak (5680291) Replace notifications flickerless (1533fcd) Merge pull request #388 from fhost/fhost/ellipsize (a64cb82) Merge pull request #386 from bebehei/option-parser-const-args (a685d98) Merge pull request #385 from ericfreese/master (ec48113) Align columns in dunstify option list (3d1acd7) Check for b value if null in string_append (a1781a4) Implement test_string_append (8b11113) Break overlong argument lists (41defb7) Mark constant strings as const (554c873) Add possible values for `ellipsize` to dunstrc (26c0500) Use config.h for default ellipsize value (f9f6830) Merge pull request #374 from fhost/fhost/ellipsize (4316c85) Merge pull request #381 from bebehei/typo-1 (ad31bb9) Add option to control how to ellipsize truncated lines (f4b5952) Rename double to int (530eaaf) Merge pull request #378 from bebehei/style (8a0c0d3) Correct indentation (1c7f674) Merge pull request #372 from bmwiedemann/sort (2acc4be) Sort linker input file list (5df9551) Merge pull request #365 from bebehei/issue-322 (29aa4c7) Use double pointers for haystack (e16117c) Interpret '%%' as literal '%' in format (4b7f656) Prevent replacement of format strings in message (ab9bf55) Merge pull request #343 from bebehei/transient-notifications (16bbde5) Merge pull request #369 from bebehei/pointer-consistent-scheme (420feed) Refactor star scheme of pointers (759aa51) Merge pull request #367 from bebehei/config-modeline (06df0dc) Add vim modeline to config.def.h (4e3eac0) Merge pull request #366 from bebehei/memory-leak_1 (aae003d) Fix memory leak in get_pixbuf_from_path (a833b4a) Fix infinite loop when checking timeouts (eb0a0f8) Chain history_ignore and transient together (289bab0) Add docs for transient rules (2da6730) Add rule to ignore transient settings (d4f6726) Refactor if chain to avoid nested statements (02ba060) Add support for transistent hints (585f0f8) Merge pull request #351 from bebehei/wordexp (3c257ea) Merge pull request #354 from enodata/master (18b06ed) add tests for *_get_path functions (7eb99ea) replace ~/ in script paths (8e3a758) Add libgen.h include and guard against basename(3) modifying its arg (bf98183) Merge pull request #352 from bebehei/nextiter (99c74b8) handle removing of elements in GList correctly (66fceb9) Merge pull request #353 from sfs/raw-icon-from-image_data (68aa1f2) parse raw icons from the (deprecated) image_data attribute (d61a618) Merge pull request #348 from bebehei/usage-one-output (f8aaa21) print usage only on stdout (b7ff4f9) Merge pull request #333 from bebehei/gtk3 (111fcaf) Merge pull request #346 from bebehei/reorder-getopt (f143012) Merge pull request #170 from lathan/not_windoze (7246926) add backwards compatibility for icon_folders option (9acb9fd) change order of option_get_* to be displayed during --help (677e1f1) replace 'folder' with 'path' in icon functionality (4d03acc) Merge pull request #345 from bebehei/typo-1 (7104c42) fix typos and reformat print output (7443021) Merge pull request #342 from bebehei/readability-improvement (9065f2f) improve readability in dbus.c (c998034) Make icon set via rules take priority over raw icons (86cbc1d) depend on gtk3 instead of gtk2 (855d4bb) Remove remnants from the compile-time multi-monitor support (b06475b) Start new release cycle (4573b92)
2 files changed, 3 insertions, 3 deletions
diff --git a/.SRCINFO b/.SRCINFO
index 9d339ba3977..5eb46a7027a 100644
--- a/.SRCINFO
+++ b/.SRCINFO
@@ -1,8 +1,8 @@
# Generated by mksrcinfo v8
-# Sat Dec 2 06:58:11 UTC 2017
+# Wed Dec 6 19:40:07 UTC 2017
pkgbase = dunst-git
pkgdesc = a lightweight notification-daemon - git version
- pkgver =
+ pkgver =
pkgrel = 1
url =
arch = i686
diff --git a/PKGBUILD b/PKGBUILD
index 0db67ef5263..2ff542eb999 100644
@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@
pkgdesc="a lightweight notification-daemon - git version"
arch=('i686' 'x86_64' 'armv7h')