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Updated version (r202.be66c8b -> r218.5c2945c).
Changelog ========= Disabling the KDE build for now (5c2945c) Trying to fix the travis KDE build (a7f3906) Trying to fix the travis KDE build (6f2a991) Travis build of QTikZ works now, adding KTikZ (c99ee45) Fixes the travis CI script (46af714) Fixed travis dependency install error (18ebf1f) Fixed travis yml syntax error (954894a) Added a travis CI yml config to try it out (3d14cd5) Merge pull request #10 from llimeht/armqreal (e691174) Merge pull request #9 from llimeht/qt5fromascii (3dca014) Merge pull request #11 from evsh/cmake-fix (1c21925) Merge pull request #14 from kstar/master (cb9c10d) Replace depreceted QString::fromAscii to QString::fromLatin1 (25c18f6) Fix quotes escaping for CMake build (e2a0191) Force qMax to use qreal template (c1bbf0b) Switch fromAscii to fromLatin1 for Qt5 deprecation (a3564ff)
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# Generated by mksrcinfo v8
-# Sat May 27 16:28:44 UTC 2017
+# Thu Aug 17 19:31:10 UTC 2017
pkgbase = qtikz-git
pkgdesc = Small application helping you to create TikZ diagrams
- pkgver = r202.be66c8b
- pkgrel = 2
+ pkgver = r218.5c2945c
+ pkgrel = 1
url =
arch = i686
arch = x86_64