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license: changed to just nonfree and unredistributable
'--enable-decklink' is incompatible with the GPL and requires 'enable-nonfree'. Although GPL3 is present in the resuling complex license mix, it does not seem to make sense leaving GPL3 in the license list. The output of configure script clearly says that the resulting license is nonfree and unredistributable, and this is what should be clearly stated to the user. The ffmpeg documentation says that in such cases, like we are using here with --enable-nonfree, the resulting binaries are under a complex and restrictive license mix. But it does not provide clear licensing terms for such situation. So I just created a LICENSE file and added generic notes to it which seems to better describe this nature than the previously used UNREDISTRIBUTABLE.txt file. Also, the presence of a LICENSE file is something more standard and is described in the Wiki. References: -----------
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# Generated by mksrcinfo v8
-# Sat May 20 14:04:42 UTC 2017
+# Wed Jun 7 03:19:13 UTC 2017
pkgbase = ffmpeg-decklink
pkgdesc = Complete solution to record, convert and stream audio and video (decklink enabled)
pkgver = 3.3.1
- pkgrel = 1
+ pkgrel = 2
epoch = 1
url =
arch = i686
@@ -71,7 +71,7 @@ pkgbase = ffmpeg-decklink
conflicts = ffmpeg
conflicts = ffmpeg-git
source =
+ source = LICENSE
sha256sums = b702a7fc656ac23e276b8c823a2f646e4e6f6309bb2788435a708e69bea98f2f
sha256sums = bc2b76d4f5be42c5b0a6a07f1b754d29392c84f8234f3b6ab9e7858fdc4043ff