AgeCommit messageAuthor
2021-05-15Bump epoch since the return to master decreased the version numberchrisjbillington
2021-05-15Update .SRCINFOchrisjbillington
2021-05-15Return to master branchchrisjbillington
2021-05-13gnome-shell-gresource=false is default againchrisjbillington
2021-05-12Don't build gresource. Fixes Yaru shell theme not showing up in gnome-tweaks.chrisjbillington
2021-05-11Fix for shell themes no longer being symlinkschrisjbillington
2021-03-28Target the gnome-shell-40 branch for now, until it is mergedchrisjbillington
2021-03-20Update to include metacity and gtksourceview packageschrisjbillington
2021-02-05Update for addition of gtksourcview themeschrisjbillington
2020-06-13Commit bumped version so AUR considers it an updatechrisjbillington