AgeCommit messageAuthor
2021-05-24Update to 4.16.3Photon89
2021-03-31Added xfce4-dev-tools as makedependPhoton89
2021-03-28Update to 4.16.2, updated dependenciesPhoton89
2021-02-06Update to 4.16.1Photon89
2021-01-21Update to 4.16.0, thanks erikjanp for updating the patches!Photon89
2020-06-26Updated URLs to httpsPhoton89
2020-05-08Updated to 4.14.4 and completely removed button-visibility.patch and fix-scro...Photon89
2020-02-16Bumped to 4.14.3, added libwnck3 as dependencyPhoton89
2019-09-08Added xfce4-dev-tools as makedependPhoton89
2019-09-06Update to 4.14Photon89