AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-04-22Bump to v0.12.0Sam Whited
2020-03-07Embed version number in built fileSam Whited
2020-01-06Cleanup some namcap lintsSam Whited
2019-12-17Bump to v0.11.2Sam Whited
2019-11-12Fix .SRCINFO for v0.11.1Sam Whited
2019-11-12Bump to v0.11.1Sam Whited
2019-07-02Bump to v0.10.0Sam Whited
2019-04-20Remove Go version requirement to fix go-pie buildSam Whited
2019-04-19Bump to v0.9.1Sam Whited
2019-04-13I never remember .SRCINFO the first timeā€¦Sam Whited