AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-10-11Drop support for i686 architecture. Strip native PE libraries.Daniel Bermond
2020-08-16Use mingw for building native PE librariesDaniel Bermond
2019-11-20makedepends: add libcupsDaniel Bermond
2019-06-27Add more features. Don't rename the clone dir.Daniel Bermond
2018-10-17Remove makepkg internal functionDaniel Bermond
2018-10-11Remove freetype harmony fix (implemented by upstream)Daniel Bermond
2018-05-11Add vulkan supportDaniel Bermond
2018-03-04Add freetype harmony fix and wine binfmtDaniel Bermond
2017-12-08Remove gcc-multilib (merged into [core]/gcc). RC version fix.Daniel Bermond
2017-10-10Fix provides and conflictsDaniel Bermond