AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-01-24Tidy PKGBUILD, wrapper script, file locationsJonathon Fernyhough
2020-01-23Update for 3.8.4Jonathon Fernyhough
2018-12-16Added documentation and example data files to installation (Credits cvalente)Aitor Alonso
2018-11-17Updated to 3.8.3Aitor Alonso
2018-06-17Forgot to edit ALL .SRCINFO...Aitor Alonso
2018-06-17Forgot to edit .SRCINFOAitor Alonso
2018-06-17Removed build() function. Added icon .png from zip .icoAitor Alonso
2018-05-23Updated sourceAitor Alonso
2018-05-23Updated sourceAitor Alonso
2018-05-23Forgot to add new md5sum to weka.shAitor Alonso