AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-12-06bump to v2.5.1Ricardo (XenGi) Band
2020-11-27changed fish to a runtime dependencyRicardo (XenGi) Band
2020-10-12bumped to 2.5Ricardo (XenGi) Band
2020-06-23updated to 2.3.0Ricardo (XenGi) Band
2020-04-11bumped to v2.2.0Ricardo (XenGi) Band
2020-04-07fixed it once and for allRicardo (XenGi) Band
2020-04-07I don't know man...Ricardo (XenGi) Band
2020-04-07finally fixed checksumRicardo (XenGi) Band
2020-04-07fixed checksumRicardo (XenGi) Band
2020-04-05updated to v2.1.0; included temp fix for (XenGi) Band