AgeCommit messageAuthor
2022-01-08Add back CUDA patch & sync with blender-develop-gitXavier Cho
2021-12-11Update Embree patchXavier Cho
2021-10-09Remove the unnecessary CUDA patchXavier Cho
2021-08-07Add ninja to build dependencyXavier Cho
2021-07-30Bump revision (custom object support and more)Xavier Cho
2021-07-30Revert GCC 10 fixXavier Cho
2021-07-30Remove unused flagsXavier Cho
2021-06-11Use community versions of open{imageio,colorio,shadinglanguage} packagesXavier Cho
2021-05-21Fix build problem after recent GCC 11 updateXavier Cho
2021-05-03Update PKGBUILD based on blender-develop-git packageXavier Cho