AgeCommit messageAuthor
6 daysnew version scheme, shallow checkouts, updated variantsAndy Kluger
7 daysupdate build plans with new optionsAndy Kluger
2021-01-25add many new options, and try motion serifs in the sample configAndy Kluger
2020-11-25capital g toothless corner; narrower capital i; use dev branchAndy Kluger
2020-11-22update configs; see archbuilder_iosevka repo for detailsAndy Kluger
2020-11-10correct v-bar-natural-slope -> natural-slopeAndy Kluger
2020-11-09new config format for iosevka v4Andy Kluger
2020-10-29drop obsolete makedepsAndy Kluger
2020-10-29git ignore build cruftAndy Kluger
2020-10-29bring back the real shoulder for m; undo comma-like backtickAndy Kluger