AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-05-24tizonia-all: updated to track 0.22.0Juan A. Rubio
2020-03-10tizonia-all: force a single ninja job to avoid out of memory issues during th...Juan A. Rubio
2020-03-10tizonia-all: updated to track 0.21.0Juan A. Rubio
2019-12-17tizonia-all: updated to track 0.19.0Juan A. Rubio
2019-03-16tizonia-all: updated to track 0.18.0Juan A. Rubio
2019-01-19tizonia-all: updated to track 0.17.0Juan A. Rubio
2018-12-06tizonia-all: updated to track 0.16.0Juan A. Rubio
2018-09-14tizonia-all: updated to track 0.15.0Juan A. Rubio
2018-04-30tizonia-all: updated 0.14.0 package to depend on python2-eventletJuan A. Rubio
2018-04-24tizonia-all: updated to track 0.14.0Juan A. Rubio