AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-02-10Fix sha256sum of armv6 distVarakh
2020-01-28Update to 0.2.24 and provide slim variants for armv6 and armv7Varakh
2020-01-12Update to 0.2.23Varakh
2019-12-28Remove arm arch, use spotifyd insteadVarakh
2019-11-27Use only spotifyd as conflict instead of listing every variantVarakh
2019-11-27Update to and slim as variantVarakh
2019-10-08Update to 0.2.19Varakh
2019-10-06Update to 0.2.18Varakh
2019-07-05Increase to 0.2.11Varakh
2019-03-23Bump versionmVarakh