AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-08-30Update to v3.0.2.Donald Webster
2020-08-27Fix text in install file.Donald Webster
2020-08-18Update to v3.0.1.Donald Webster
2020-08-09Add sabnzbd user home directory changing.Donald Webster
2020-08-08Gate the whole thing around /opt/sabnzbd existing.Donald Webster
2020-08-08Forgot .SRCINFO.Donald Webster
2020-08-08Switch from mv to cp, rename old files/folders to .saved.Donald Webster
2020-08-04Fix slash typo in migration.Donald Webster
2020-08-01Update to v3.0.0.Donald Webster
2020-07-19Update to v3.0.0 and move out of /opt, into /usr/lib and /var/lib.Donald Webster