AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-06-25Rebuild for Perl upgradeDaniel Hahler
2019-06-12Rebuild for Perl upgradeDaniel Hahler
2018-08-06Rebuild for Perl upgrade (I guess)Daniel Hahler
2018-02-26Add add-space-to-extent_test_chars.patchDaniel Hahler
2017-09-03Bump pkgrel for Perl updateDaniel Hahler
2017-06-06Update for new Perl bindingsDaniel Hahler
2017-05-20README: add reference to AURDaniel Hahler
2017-05-20Add README.mdDaniel Hahler
2017-05-07Update sgr-mouse-mode.patch for CVSDaniel Hahler
2017-05-07Inline sgr-mouse-mode.patch, to be updatedDaniel Hahler